3 Hook Latex Waist Shaper

If there's one thing I pride myself in, is that when I'm wrong, I can admit it. That's going to be the same thing said for me and waist trainers. I use to look at them and think what's the point? I understood when women post-natal used belly shapers to help regain their figure as I remember a friends aunt getting one - this is going back 12 years - from her midwife but when I saw these shapers on women already with a toned slimmer figure using them, to achieve the hourglass enviable figure it left me feeling dismayed for those who do have a bit more going on around the mid-section. Just a few months ago my mum asked my opinion on them and I said "I feel they're bullshit."

Well, my views have been changed #WaistGang style. I'm part of the society and so far, I'm loving it. I was contacted by Slimming Solutions asking if I'd be interested and all my negative thoughts preoccupied my mind. After going on the site and reading various reviews on the different Waist Trainers offered, I noticed they seemed to be from women who had some jiggle happening, either from loosing weight, pregnancy or weight gain.

What I'm expecting from this experience:
‣ inch loss.
‣ better posture.

First Impressions

Your waist trainer is by your waist size, not dress size. They have guides so it's pretty easy to choose your selection. I was debating whether to get the waist trainer or the vest but after pondering about the straps on the vest, I went with the former. I chose the Classic Black 3 Hook Latex Waist Shaper By Ann Chery, after reading some reviews, it had my size and I was happy enough to proceed. Upon receiving this, it comes in a plastic clip case, it's no fuss packaging but that's fine as it's not the packaging we're wearing. Taking it out, it's already unhooked, ready to be wrapped and hooked. Keep in mind this is latex, it carries a new, plastic scent but once out the packet it begins to wear off hours later.

There are 3 hooks, the outer one is looser, middle one is a medium fastening while the last hook is tight. This is my hook, this holds no prisoners, the first time trying it. You're feeling to suck it in and pull it across, getting it hooked from top to bottom upon the first try was a heated challenge. I needed help but once on, I felt good. After I showered and got ready to really begin to put this to the test, it felt as though it had it's initial stretch out and was more relaxed to begin the hooking process, which was easier, no help and I didn't lay down or suck my stomach in. I left the trainer to do it's job. Once on, it gives a beautiful silhouette as it allows my hips & bum to be more prominent. As I currently stand the inches were 37" but my hips are 43 1/2" which is a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.85 which is average - go figure!! Ideally I'd like to lose 10 inches approx off my waist but not on this round of waist training of course, I'm being realistic on the course of body toning and shaping.

Posture, let me tell you now. If you've got bad posture, hello! You'll be sitting so proper, giving length and height already to your body. There's no room to be slouching while wearing this, which I think is good because it'll become a habit to sit better after you're not wearing the trainer, which I'm hoping happens in my case. I'm the worst even while meditating to try sit upright without slouching because it feels uncomfortable but let's see, I'm going to try wear this for roughly 8 hours a day and see how I get on for the next month.

12 Days Later...
Besides 3 days of not wearing it, so honestly it's 9 days later of wearing it for 8 hours consistently. I've lost 2 inches off my waist. From 11th May - 23rd May it's pretty good, considering I didn't work out so my next thing will be to work out wearing it with continually wear as before. I find it comfortable and it's mostly undetectable under clothes but that doesn't bother me.


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