Lee Stafford Argan Oil Straighten & Nourish Irons.

Argan Oil infused plates? I've never seen or heard of anything like it. Although I don't pay too much attention to the electronic hair market much since leaving my hair curly. I've not straightened my hair since last October, 6 months no heat. I like to blow out, run the irons through the hair about once or twice a year to trim my hair, which right now it's in desperate need of. But these looked appealing. Argan, Coconut & Castor oil are just some of those "IT" oils and my hair loves them, so why not try straighteners that claim they'll nourish and protect the hair as I'm using it.
The plates are 25mm in width and 100mm in length, I like the plates, there's no fuss with them just pure ceramic. They're thinner than other iron plates I have but I like this, it glides through my hair with ease. As it heats and passes through the hair, I noticed a smell and it's either that they're new or it's the combination of that and the argan oil. I have pure argan oil but I've never smelt it heated up, it's a new one for me. I won't dismiss the smell as it's not overbearing and most likely is the oil.
On the side, you'll notice a button with a lock printed on the rubber. This is the lock for the straightners, it's easily pushed inwards to lock and pushed outwards to open. Fuss free but if you're like me when pushing it all the way in and your nails are a little longer be careful, I doubt it'll break them but word of caution.
On the top, this where the digital controls are. The on/off button is in the centre of the circle, just above and below there's an up & down arrow indicating the temperature buttons. Once on it'll light up the first temperature being 150 degrees - max is 230 degrees. It heats up fast, about 30 seconds and there's an auto 60 minute shut off. I've not hard to experience that, this glides through my hair so quickly. Seeing as I blow dry first it gives me either a one or two pass on each section of hair. One of my top pros are that these are super light, I don't remember having straighteners this light before, it makes it easy to hold and run through the hair. Because these are slim (for me) I can get close to the roots if needed & my hair line to get those little kinks out. The only con I have with these are you've got to be careful while holding these sometimes the temperature can adjust while handling, just be aware of that. Would I say it adds shine to my hair that I may not be too sure as I use oil in my hair as a moisturiser to begin with but it doesn't make my hair anymore oilier or heavier but all in all, it's an amazing product for the price.

Have you tried these or any Lee Stafford products?


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