Milani Amore Matte Lip Creme.

I'm starting to build up quite a Milani Amore Matte Lip collection & after buying 3 last year from Amazon, I recently got a fourth from Cocktail Cosmetics & realised that the first 3 were from a limited edition range - womp! Apparently the permanent shades in the collection now are suppose to be the same as the LE ones I own but buyers aren't convinced.

Applicator & Consistency

These Milani products are vegan & cruelty free. 6g tube with a doe applicator & flexible tip, both sides are useable. The liquid consistency is a thin watery one which means it's easy to go over the lip line & not have a clean finish. It's very easy for the applicator to give you more product than needed best advice is to find a lip pencil or use a lip brush and outline the edges so there's more of a neat finish as it's very easy for it to seep out of the lines.

Top - Bottom
Covet - Vampy Brown
Romance - Deep Red
Lust - Cool Rose
Adore - Pink Nude

swatches taken before the lip creme's dried down.
Left - Right
Covet, Romance, Lust, Adore

Shade Reviews

Covet a medium-dark brown with warm undertones. Has a milky chocolate look to it. It's a true brown, I've been searching for the perfect brown and I think I may of found it. I found this to add warmth to my face, on my lips it was soft and dried quickly.

Romance a medium-dark red with cool, blue undertones, it's a gorgeous colour, can't deny that, reminds me of a red rose petal. Semi-opaque, no streaks, soft and comfortable to wear. It's certainly up there in my reds, it's a shame it's LE!

Lust a cool rose, medium pink, neutral to warm undertones. Lovely pigmentation more of a wearable pink for myself. I found this one easier to apply and even when it dried down it brightened up.

Adore a brightened but light medium peach with a little pink that dries down to a very opaque pale pink on my lips, probably not my favourite as I feel it's too light and can be a wash-out colour. I found this one to be the most drying out the collection that settled in the lip lines as it dried more & can separate when the lips are stretched when smiling. I found it settled darker along the lip line than anywhere else.

I wanted to show you how these apply using just the applicator, no lip brush or lip pencil. You need a very steady hand and it's probably best to use a brush if the hands not as steady so you don't waste product wiping it off etc.

If you are interested in any of these LE shades here's a rundown of what the new replacements are in the collection.
Adorable (new) vs. Adore (original). Adorable is darker and browner.
Precious (new) vs. Lust (original). Precious is slightly darker.
Loved (new) vs. Beloved (original). Exact color match.
Covet (new) vs. Crushed (original). Covet is significantly more brown, with no red undertone.
Devotion (new) vs. Romance (original). Devotion is slightly darker.
Obsession (new) vs. Embrace (original). Almost an exact color match.
- credit.

Some of these shades can take a while to dry down make it a little tacky before it's completely dried but I find the inner lip can disappear after eating and needs reapplying. It doesn't transfer but it's a bitch to remove, you definitely need an oil based remover to break it down. I used Bioderma and as soon as I run the cotton bud over the lips, it broke the product down that it would run down my chin quickly. I've personally not experienced any staining on the lips. All in all I can't complain for £6.95 it can't be snubbed at too much.

Have you ever tried these? If not do they appeal to you?

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