TheVeganKind #27

Included in this box as always is a recipe card this month from Hedi Hearts. The box monthly aims to give you more than £10 worth of items within the box and there is 8 items within this TVK box!! Currently I can't smell anything, I'm bunged up so I can't even be a good judge for the smell of food, my taste buds are a little woohoo because my mint tea has been tasting like hot coco, go figure.
Mini Vego Chocolate bar
You may remember before they included a larger Vego Chocolate Bar previously, this month there's a mini vego chocolate bar that you can manage in one sitting - you may remember I really enjoyed this bar.

Squirrel Sisters Delicious Snack Bars Cacao Brownie
Who doesn't enjoy a good old brownie now and again. I do! These are snack of treat bars (however you want to look at them) they have the highest quality of natural and raw ingredients. Not only vegan but gluten-free, these bars are ideal for sharing as they have two portions (under 90 calories for those counting)! If you don't want to share because it's that delicious have one now and snack on the other for a pre or post workout...or go on...munch it all, you're not hurting anyone. As I would describe it, they remind me of 'raw chocolate' and feel like you're getting a lot out of each bite.

Provamel Organic Rice Milk Coconut Drink
There's one of three flavourites available this month in the box - Rice Milk with Coconut, Rice Milk with Chocolate or Rice Milk with Pineapple. Mmm interesting. These remind me of snack juices, all ready with the piercing top and straw. You can use this in a smoothie, or mix into your porridge or simply straight from the carton - no rules. In my box I got the choco flavour. I'm quite bummed my taste buds right now are bad so I can't get the full effect or taste for things!

Snact Apple & Raspberry Fruit Jerky
Snact's fruit snacks are made from surplus produce which is produce that would normally be discarded for being too small, too ugly, too big whatever the reason. They rescue the produce lol nothing is wasted! British sourced & made 100% fruit. Contributes to one of your 5 a day so there's no excuse. I like the idea of the mixed bag of the apple and raspberry fruit jerky. Interesting concept and were nice to have, there's not that much in the bag as you can see above but the bag is small and the jerkys are a generous size.

Soffle's Rosemary & Thyme Pitta Chips
This was made in Hackney originally for friends as a pre-dinner beer partner. Being that they became so popular a name was needed and Soffle's Pitta Chips it is. These chips are great to snack on anytime of the day, the blend of Rosemary & Thyme with these nicely crunchy chips are delicious and I can see why these were made as a pre-dinner beer partner.

Dr Organic. Organic Olive Oil Hand & Nail Cream
This intensive repairing hand cream should give you 12 hours rescue with ingredients such as Olive Oil blended with olive leaf, aloe vera, cassis, lemon, vine leaf, thyme, fennel and vitamin E. Absolutely jam packed of great blends. It actually does seep into the skin easily and quickly, no greasy residue, even the tube itself feels very thick and full. It should do for the hardest of hands and it'll help nourish the nails - which mine need. As it's getting even more colder now always make sure you've got hand cream. I don't see any SPF within the ingredients which is a shame.

Teen VGN Recipe Book
I enjoyed looking through this booklet. It's filled with some simple recipes and great alternatives so it's definitely worth a look.

Veganuary Wristband
TheVeganKind has chosen Veganuary as their chosen charity this month, included in this box is a bright, eye catching Veganuary Wristband. Made from 100% recycled silicone, waterproof, durable. It's a no-brainer for TVK to include the green one.

Purchase: TheVeganKind £13.50 (p&p inc)
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