Body Fantasies

America's No.1 Perfume Body Spray

It seems to be a very popular and well liked brand from what I've read online, it's like a high school throwback for some. Young, flirty and reminds you of simpler times. Quite like some of the ones we have here. I asked a male friend from the US if he remembers seeing these and he said "Yeah, girls use to spray these all the time in class!" They seem to still be popular with teens and adults so now they're heading to the UK what's the deal?
Give in to a new fantasy
Body Fantasies were developed by leading designer-fragrance perfumers, making them a completely new and different collection of perfume body sprays that allow you to not only smell great but have something that lasts.

There will be 4 fragrances that will launch initially in the UK, the four of which I was kindly sent and will be giving you the rundown on. Each bottle comes in a 94 ml non-aerosol pump that will give you over 500 sprays! They have a higher concentration of designer quality fragrance oils that allows them to last long but not be overpowering.

Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy
Top: Grapefruit, Wild Berries, Rhubarb, Coconut Milk
Middle: Pink Vanilla Accord, Cyclamen, Peony, Tiare Flower
Base: Tahitian Vanilla, Creamy Sandalwood, Caramel, Sheer Musk

I'd say this one is powerful, on the first spray you get a sudden strong burst but it settles down very quickly and the vanilla takes hold but in a sweet way, I didn't find it musky but the note combinations is going to make this one a favourite.

Pink Grapefruit Fantasy - available exclusively to Superdrug
Pink Grapefruit, pomegranate, soft florals and white musk & vanilla.

If there's one thing I can say is Pink Grapefruit, it's this as soon as it hits the skin and you smell, that citrus scent welcomes. It starts to then blend into a floral musk with a slight hint of vanilla.

Japanese Cherry Blossom
Japanese cherry blossom, rose & amber

Very subtle and light on the musk, slightly powdery. Starts off sweet and a little of the rose begins to seep through but I couldn't detect much rose as it settled onto the skin and even after an hour it was still there.

Twilight Mist
Top notes are coconut, mandarin orange & plum.
middle notes are magnolia, tuberose, violet & orchid.
base notes are sandalwood, musk, tonka bean & vanilla.

Wow absolutely gorgeous and warm, it has a very plum but musky smell as it starts to settle on the skin the base notes come through, I could detect a lot of the sandalwood & vanilla as it died down, it's another one that finishes powdery.

The best way I like to use these are once I get out the shower and bath and while my skin is still a little damp but once I've oiled my skin, spray this over my skin so there's something for it adhere too, I do it with perfumes and I think these work best having more to cling onto than just bare skin. Give it more longevity. The more of it you spray the more intensity of the fragrance you'll get. Overall I honestly cannot fault these, be nice to give as a stocking filler later in the year, something to pick up and have in your bag for during the day or after the gym, I mean seriously it'll save your perfumes to wear daily. Plus I think you could make your own mixture of these, mix and match of different scents.

I would recommend these and I will definitely be looking to purchasing more available scents once these have run out but with the more than 500 sprays promise, I'm sure I'll be stocked up for quite a while. It's so hard to know which one will be my BFF, I'm sniffing my arms trying to choose it's definitely between...Oh I just don't know!! Be prepared to spend a while in the Superdrug aisle.

Which one sounds like your new bff?

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