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Beat the January Blues
Sometimes in January, we can get the January Blues. For some it's just the fact of getting back into the rat race, for others it can be the fact that the New Year always signifies reflection and what needs changing or possibly going harder at. Reflecting back I need to put my mind, body & health at the forefront this year. I enjoy a good detox and for a week I'm going to do a detox in a box with Champneys but it's not only the outside of my body getting treated. My health will also be getting benefits from that superfood - Seaweed.
Detox in a Box
I'm in desperate need of a detox - my body needs the boost. Since over a week ago I've been unwell, had a nasty cold and it's made it's way onto my chest for a hearty & irritating cough. I'm hoping this is going to help me be refreshed, and reinvigorated by harnessing the richness of the sea with the new Champneys Detox Range.

The following products are super- beneficial to the body by featuring miracle ingredients derived from the British coast such as superfood seaweed and recuperative mineral sea salt, you'll feel enveloped in warm aromas and replenished from head to toe with an array of expertly designed detox products by Champneys, the original Health Spa.

Detox in a Box includes :
‣ Skin Firming Shower Scrub
‣ Champneys Detox Hip & Thigh Firming Mud
‣ Skin Firming Body Butter
‣ Body Massager

I'd start off the detox by using the Champneys Detox Hip & Thigh Firming Mud, smoothing it over my hip & thigh area, leaving it on for 10 - 20 minutes. During the time it starts to dry, there's a tingling warming sensation over the thighs that becomes very cool & relaxing. Jump into the shower and allow the warm water to rinse it off, this is where I'll take the massager and using circular motions from my knees upwards gently massage especially the back of my leg to target any trouble areas. Admittedly the skin feels smoother and a little firmer. The wonder component seaweed is on hand with the natural marine mineral of sea salt to cleanse, tone, stimulate and repair.
Afterwards I give my skin a scrub to get rid of any dead skin using the Champneys Detox Skin Firming Shower Scrub, it's non abrasive but effective. Making sure I tend to the rougher parts of the skin such as the elbows and knees. I found it so gentle it's safe for daily use, it's got a watery consistency with rice, apricot and sea salt helping to exfoliate & firm the skin. It also leaves a nice apricot smell on the skin.
My skin feels smoother especially once I use the Champneys Detox Skin Firming Body Butter afterwards to moisturise. The consistency is whipped smoothly and as I rub it into my skin it doesn't take long to absorb & there's no residue left over. I can certainly say this is another product that makes the skin feel firmer, not in a discomforting way but when I touch my skin afterwards it's smooth but has a firm feel to it. Using all these items to help detoxify and firm my skin has been a welcoming change.

Eat Clean, Eat Seaweed
Seaweed has been at the top of the superfood table and while most of us know of the skin benefits but what's the health benefits, well some of them include :

‣ Blood Purifying
‣ High in Calcium
‣ Alkalizing
‣ Contain Anti-oxidants
‣ Detoxifying
‣ Boost Weight loss

During my detox I added seaweed to my clean eating meals. Kombu seaweed. Kombu seaweed is a smooth tasting, umami rich brown seaweed. Umami – meaning “delicious”, is the fifth taste bud (alongside sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness) It's a deep-water kelp (the brown seaweed you normally see along the seashore) that's a smooth flavour enhancer, good for stews, soups, beans, tomatoes and mushrooms. I've read that Kombu seaweed may just be the most versatile. How did I use this ocean-veg in my meals.

Having had a cold, I didn't have too much of an appetite, soup seemed to be the best option for most days as I could make a batch and then put it in a container and heat up more later. I also read that seaweed is great for colds & coughs, an even better opportunity to see how seaweed helped. A few options for my soups was Pumpkin soup with potatoes and veg and also Cabbage soup with vegetables. In the soup it adds more flavouring, I put it in to cook with it and I sprinkle some on top - never can have too much of a good thing. Also roasting tomatoes to eat with rice and a little fish with peppers went quite nice. I'd sprinkle the seaweed on the tomatoes before roasting, it gives it a little richness. Also I found it went nicely with salmon and sauces, seaweed is versatile for the body and I’d like to continue to have seaweed in my diet to see longer benefits from consuming it as well as adding it to my bath & shower routine. My cold ran its course and was gone about 3 days into my detox and the cough has nearly gone. I'm left with a smooth firm seaweed loving body.

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