August DAB Radio

If you're like me and live in an area where receiving popular music stations can prove difficult a DAB radio can be a good choice to enjoy music stations that you feel you're missing. Some of my favourite stations aren't easily available on normal radio and a DAB is necessary. When asked by August who I have worked with previously if I'd like to review their DAB radio, I thought of it as a good opportunity as I do like their products, they're affordable with good features and are no-fuss.
Within the box you get a AC power adaptor with a EU plug and international, 3.5mm audio cable and the user manual. It says it's main features are a wireless speaker for Bluetooth devices, DAB/DAB+ and FM radio tuner, standard 3.5 mm audio-in socket, MP3 player with USB and SD card, NFC ready and dual alarm with snooze function.
The buttons are different as they are kind of like touch buttons. You don't need to press hard to tune the stations, it's just a light touch reaction. You can also use the alarm on this to wake up to your favourite FM/DAB stations to try and start your day right - but who likes alarms waking them up?
The top dial is your sound selection :
DAB - I get a lot of stations through the DAB. Pretty much all that I enjoy listening too is available to me.
FM - I don't use this as much but it does it's job, the extendable antenna allows it to get a much clearer sound if necessary.
Bluetooth - Connect your phone or tablet and play your music / sounds through the speakers. It doesn't take long to connect, I find the bluetooth selection with August products to be good and when needing to connect again it's already there and instant connection.
SD card - There's a slot at the back that gives you the option to put a SD card there and play music off.
USB - Pretty much the same as above but you can use an USB memory stick or an USB cord to link a non bluetooth laptop or other product.

The bottom dial is your display - on or off.
The volume button is on the top left at the front of the radio attached to the strap. You get a pretty good sound out of it. Beneath that is the screen that'll display your time, sound selection choice, radio station, programme and song which I liked that feature.
At first when I was trying the DAB radio I kept getting this BAYREN channel telling me it was unavailable and I thought oh? I can't access DAB but no I can as the channels search and save when you set it. You just use the < & > arrows on the top to find the channel you want and press OK, I receive KISS, Capital Xtra and many more in all it's glory and it's very clear with no issues. I love it.

I've had it for a few months now and I don't use it all the time most times when I'm in the bath & shower also while getting ready and the battery is still going. I gave it a little charge but it only took about 10 minutes, it's got a lot of life going.

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