Hampstead Tea Festive Cocktails

Hampstead Tea

Have compromised nothing, with 4 flavours to choose from their delicious ice teas use real leaf tea giving you a 'true brew' experience. They're fairtrade, organic, biodynamic with no artificial flavouring & low calories.

Drink cold or mix with alcohol to make a unique cocktail. After mixing enough for two glasses, you still have quite an amount left in one carton of the iced tea. If someone is driving, they could still have a refreshing non-alcoholic guilt free drink!

Hampstead long island Lemon iced tea Cooler

Serves: 2


100ml Hampstead Lemon & Green Iced Tea

12ml gin

12ml tequila

15ml white rum

50ml of cola

Ice to suit


1. Gently mix the ingredients altogether in a jug or cocktail shaker

2. Serve in large glasses with wedges of freshly cut lemon and ice and kick back and relax

Hampstead Raspberry fizz

Serves: 2


2tsps sugar

100 ml water

A handful of raspberries, washed and quartered

150ml Hampstead Raspberry & Green Iced tea

25ml vodka

50ml prosecco



1. Add the sugar to the water and gently heat in a saucepan until dissolved.

2. Add the raspberries and reduce to a puree over a gentle heat.

3. Allow the raspberry puree to cool and then mix in the iced tea and vodka.

4. Pour into a champagne glass and top up with prosecco for a lightly soured drink.

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