Nexcare Acne Patch Review

I'm so gutted that the original photos I took, didn't have the desired outcome for the products results and I will explain why and exactly why I still recommend this product. I've seen on blogs that people adore this product and I thought hmm why not have a try!? Looking on eBay I found a UK seller who was selling 2 combined. Opting for that, order placed and awaited the item.

I had spots here & there and would cleanse my face and pop these on and continue with my face routine but it didn't work. I didn't see the white stuff that was supposedly meant to draw out of the spot. It was starting to look like a failure, until..reading some forum posts on the item I found out, it's not all spots or all stages of spots this works on.

The spots I find it works on are whiteheads, you need to let the spot come to the point it looks like the white head is going to 'burst' or can be wiped off, (I know some have used it to help bring out the whitehead to the point of bursting - then burst it and put on another patch) in my case it happened when I used my toner the whitehead was beheaded, there was little blood that stopped within a couple seconds and this is when I took the tweezer provided in the Nexcare packet, peeled off a suction pad and put it on the spot. It kind of stops you touching it, infections and allows it to heal. I left it on for way over 12hrs - I don't think that long is necessary but during that time I noticed on the pad it looked a little creamy in the center. The patches act as hydrocolloid bandages that suck the puss & blood from out the spot.

Taking it off, the redness and raised spot had disappeared, I just had a little mark - always happens with my skin and spots - and a patch that had sucked out all the nastiness from my spot.

It had finally worked!!!

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