Unwind Before Christmas - De-stress Tips!

Relaxing at Home

The holiday season can be pretty stressful, last minute shopping, cooking, cleaning, in between all of that most have just got their Christmas break from work and head first into getting Christmas sorted and making it perfect. I've not long got done having to shampoo the carpet in the house, I'm beat!

Spa's are a good way to relax and sometimes it's nice to go and have someone else work out all your knots and stresses but sometimes we can't either afford or get to a spa when it's convenient for us. I love to be able to unwind at home, privacy and no stress of travelling. Preparing for your at home spa is simple enough. Ideally I like to do my at home spa at the weekend & I'm going to just share some of my tips.

Switch off distracting electronics! Music will be the only exception.

Ahead of my me time I search for music. Make a playlist of your favourite music that relaxes you. I love YouTuber Erica Fae's Soundcloud 'Faemixes'. Erica compiles chill mode songs together from Soundcloud that she finds and makes dope playlists. This is what I'll listen too during my relaxing me time.
In the early evening I will have my wash day. While I have my protein treatment in my hair, I'll sit under the dryer using my Babyliss Dryer (which is part of a duo set with a hair straightener) and hood attachment.
I remove any old nail polish. Remember montagne jeunesse? The affordable brand we could NEVER pronounce well they've now become 7th Heaven, all throughout my teen years, these were affordable & effective and they still are, for £1 try the Foot Pumice & Foot Butter.

Simply, rub the pumice over the feet pay attention to places that your feet may have problems such as dry, hard or flaking skin. The whiff of peppermint is very present and it reminds me of toothpaste and just like peppermint, it's cooling and refreshing while the pumice gets rid of all the rough parts on your feet. Then rinse off and dry the feet, later after the bath use the foot butter that's also within the packet, massage it into your feet and work on some pressure points and enjoy refreshed, revived feet.

Next it's time to brush my teeth, exfoliate and cleanse my face, steam it in a bowl or use a steamer. If in a bowl, I like to put some sea salt and essential oils in the water before putting on my favourite face mask currently Lush - Don't Look At Me.

After 10 minutes I take off my face mask before just putting Lush Ultrabland on my face. I don't do my entire face routine yet as I leave it for when I get out the bath.

The Bath

Various candles are put around the tub and I begin to run a bath, I put epsom salts, essential oils and crumbles of a bubble bar. Prepare your body for the ultimate detox.

I bring my favourite fluffy towel & dressing gown into the bathroom.

As the bath is running, I either crumble one of my favourite Lush Bubble Bars or a bath bomb, choice of this night was the Lush Frozen Bath Bomb. I then dry body brush my body from my feet upwards. Get the heart circulating, blood pumping and some dead skin off.

I get into the bath, sometimes I will read a chapter in my current book in the bath, I either put cucumber slices on my eyes or if you have a cooling gel eye mask - pop that into the fridge for 10 minutes before you're ready to get in the bath and put that on.

Once I've soaked for about 20 minutes, I will use my turkish mitt and start to exfoliate dead skin and apply my Frank Body Coffee Scrub as it's very relaxing and pretty damn moisturising. I will then rinse off my skin & hair in the shower under warm temperature.

The Wind Down
Wrap up in my towel, turban and dressing gown. I light some more candles, spray my NEOM Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist, turn on my humidifier and go to prepare lemon water or my favourite tea. I like to if possible allow my skin to air dry and apply my shea butter or coconut oil on damp skin. I give extra attention to the feet and pop on my moisturising socks.

Before I leave my hair to air-dry, I'll finish my hair routine & leave to dry itself.
I wipe off the Ultrabland and tone my face, dot my moisturiser on, MooGoo Super Vitamin C Eye Serum and put this gorgeous face oil by Olixia Skincare Brilliance Facial Oil on top.

Get into bed, drink my tea and continue to read and bask in the ambience.
Extra Tips!

Tip : Make sure you've got some chilled or room temperature water. If the bathroom becomes too warm, you may feel dehydrated or dizzy

Tip : You could make your own 'spa water'. Prepare from earlier in the day and allow it to chill in a pitcher.
1/2 Lemon thinly sliced
1/4 Cucumber thinly sliced

Tip : If you can pop those in a dryer for 5 minutes to warm up, you'll really sink into that warm fabric.

Tip : Store your bath salt mix in a mason jar for future use.

Best essential oils, for a sensual bath try sandalwood, rose, ylang ylang, patchouli, neroli or jasmine. If you need something more relaxing lavender, chamomile, lavender, patchouli or sandalwood.

Tip : Don't read your emails!!.

Tip : Read a favourite book.

Tip : Burn some oils or incense sticks and meditate.

Tip : I highly recommend doing some Art Therapy books.

Taking Time Out Each Day To Relax & Renew is Essential to Living Well
― Judith Hanson Lasater

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