Beauty Stocking Wishlist

Beauty Stocking

When it comes to stockings, finding 'little' gifts can be difficult. Browsing this week I saw a few things I'd love to receive if possible aka things I'll most likely end up purchasing myself. Products that range from £3.50 - £40.00, they could be used as a solo gift or as stocking fillers.
Lip liner has become more the norm for lipstick than lipstick, I saw the OCC The New Neutrals Cosmetic Colour Pencil Set and fell for the 5 piece. I have waited for this book from I believe last year, maybe even longer! I kept seeing it on Amazon for pre-order and it would always fall through this week I had a thought to see the stage of the book to my surprise it had been released Your Beauty Mark: The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour, looks to be an interesting look into the modern day retro burlesque queen that is Dita Von Teese. It's not exactly 'beauty' but it's about beauty so good enough!

 Morphe Brushes 6 Piece Deluxe Contour Set, since getting a few Morphe Brushes, I'm slowly becoming a convert, what a better way than to get a bundle of brushes and hey contour isn't dying anytime soon! HUGO Deep Red Eau de Parfum, one of my favourite fragrances, ever have a perfume that takes you back to a certain time in your life, this perfume is that one for me. I absolutely adore it and can't wait to get it back into the collection. Exfoliation is a big part of my life, sad but true. Got to keep the skin, dead skin free and smooth, I spoke about various exfoliating towels earlier this year, gimme more... Japanese Exfoliating Towel. After spending most my year with my Frank Coffee Scrub, I'm running out and simply would adore to have more, where would I be without my Frank...

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