Becoming LaaLaa

October marks an anniversary for Dolce Vanity. Today (7th) October signifies 7 years I've been blogging, not as long as some but longer than others and it kind of makes me an OG in this blogging game.

These past 7 years blogging has given me fantastic opportunities, I've connected with great brands and people but as blogging evolved and it produced a lot of phonies, I've stayed real with myself and with you. I kept those around me from before this blogging game and kept away from the bullshit that didn't need my involvement but I still spoke up where it mattered to me. I started this blog when I was just 20 years old, blogging wasn't the big thing it is now and a lot of the people doing it blogged on livejournal and were just making their way over to Blogger or WordPress, many were based in the US a lot of my first few years blogging I was deeply connected and humbled by this group of ladies and men I was being exposed to and supported by. A lot of them I still communicate with on Instagram & it's nice to witness the lives these people are leading now. Involving friends and family in my blog has given me outside community support and also it gives me a chance to share opportunities with friend when they arise, it's been nice. I feel like I need to do a shout-out like on an album cover, haha! I wrote a similar post back in 2011 entitled Why I Started Blogging & My Views On It. Maybe not much has changed in 4 years since that besides the fact I need to take back a lot more control.


I'm now 27 and just as I've grown it's time for the blog to evolve too. It's taken me awhile to reclaim my blog, you can sometimes feel so overwhelmed with products that are thrown your way that you forget what your main goal was with being involved in this game.
I've now taken off comments completely from the blog. I find people judge blogs based off comments, the more comments the more worthy your blog or post is deemed - fuck that. I'm not here to be judged (I probably am or will be as the worlds full of judgemental heuxs)! I had a handful of faithful commenters who actually would read my posts and comment in accordance to what I had wrote and give feedback or share and I appreciate you lovelies and I believe you'll still read but if anyone wants to ask me something tweet me - get a response in real time or email me. A blog is suppose to be your own personal space that you want to share with others - that's all I'm doing on here. I changed the layout as you can see, it's still a work in progress but I'm happy enough for the meanwhile, so let's hope the next 3 years *fingers crossed* will be the big 1-0 and I've still kept to my true self and you've been happy to continue this journey with me.

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A couple months ago I was included in this demographic the "Top 50 Beauty Blogs in the UK", it's just nice to be included in a demographic and after 7 years to still be considered relevant, demographic or not. I have people who read my site for that, so I've obviously been doing something, right?!

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