Hairaisers Supermodel Human Clip In Hair Extensions

Supermodel hair extensions have been used on t.v. such as on Gok's Fashion Fix & The X-Factor, so with them being featured on high profile shows, you'd want them to live up to a high standard. I opted for #1B which is just an off black and since going back dark it makes for having extensions that much more easier if I'd like. The length I chose was 20", they only coming in 16", 18" and 20". Supermodel Clip in hair extensions are Euro wefts which are commonly known as silky straight human hair. They are bone straight and are silky to touch.

In The Pack
These clip-ins contain 8 wefts.
2 x 8" 3 clip wefts
2 x 6" 2 clip wefts
4 x 2" 1 clip wefts

20" Supermodel Clip In Hair Extensions

There wasn't much shedding when brushing this hair, probably a couple of strands when brushing through. What did disappoint me first was the fact that, this bundle of clip-ins are thin. They don't make a note of how many grams of hair that's included but believe me there's not much, so if you're looking for thickness these will not give you that, only length.

Sectioning my hair, I started to clip these in - as there's not much in the pack it was better to make the sections wider apart than you would with a fuller pack. Putting them in was simple, the clips aren't so tight that they're hard to open and they clip onto the hair fairly easily but my issues started when I would run my fingers or hairbrush through the extensions to blend by running the straighteners through, they'd just become loose and begin to fall out.

I don't like to backcomb and spray my hair but to see if this was the issue, I tried it this way and it didn't make a difference. I'm not sure if my hair is too soft and doesn't have much texture when straight to hold the clips in but even with a little teasing it wasn't much help.

These retail for £79.96, maybe a little pricy but you get lengthy silky quality hair but don't look for volume if this is the aim.

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