Limited Edition Peanuts Carmex & #FindLinus

Who hasn't at some point in their life been introduced to Peanuts or more commonly known as Snoopy and Charlie Brown? From 1950 this comic strip ran up until 2000, with the comic strip being brought to life in the form of a cartoon during the 80s it's now being brought to film for a newer and familiar audiences in cinemas nationwide from December 21st 2015. Carmex has teamed up with 20th Century Fox to create a number of limited edition lids featuring the most beloved & familiar characters of Peanuts : Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Sally & Linus. Each character is on an individual lid, you will see these in outlets throughout the UK from October. These are sure to be a novelty and somewhat of a collectable for fans, even I was excited - I love the cartoon and still hang onto Peanuts vest top that I might as well give to a child I've had it so long it doesn't fit.

The award-winning Carmex formula hasn't changed from the one you're familiar with, menthol, camphor and beeswax to leave the lids tingling soft, moisturised, smooth and happy. You can use Carmex alone as just a protective lip balm or as a lipstick undercoat or sealant. Carmex doesn't play when it comes to protecting and soothing sore or chapped lips. The brand has been around since 1937 and for 75 years it's become one of the most popular lip care brands worldwide. This was my first experience using Carmex and not long after using it, I felt it warming up my lips with a very gentle tingle being buzzed along my lips. It's not a heavily greasy formula a few swipes with my finger tip, is enough for me and I'm surprised I've not used the brand before. Perfect time to try it out while this fabulous collab is going on.
With only a small number of the Linus lids being made available, Linus is a SUPER LIMITED EDITION lid to find and collect for your collection to be complete. Join the hunt in reuniting the gang and let Sally find her 'sweet baboo'!!

While Snoopy is on his own adventure, you can join in with your own little fun adventure too and #FindLinus. I'm joining in, my mum said to me 'If you've already got one, why do you need another?' & I said 'Because it's a challenge and it's SUPER LIMITED EDITION, not just Limited Edition but SUPER!'

If you find him take a picture and #FindLinus to share across social media
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For more information on Carmex visit this website & if you want more on the film please visit Snoopy Movie
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