Botanicals Mineral Bath Soak - Himalayan Rose

People tell me I live in the bath, I probably do and no doubt missed my mermaid calling. When it comes to the bath, don't mess with me! I go all out and I want to have my soak in tranquility and heavenly scents. One of the newest acquisitions to join me is the award winning Botanicals mineral bath soak in Himalayan Rose.

Rose was a scent that didn't bowl me over in yesteryears but since maturing you could say, so has my preference in smell. I normally put a capful of rose water in my bath for the aroma but to have this with more added benefits.

You can see the grains vary in size from large to small with the key ingredients in these powerful packed crystals being : Pink Himalayan Mineral crystal, Dead Dead salt, Epsom salt infused with rose*, rose geranium*, palmarosa*, ylang ylang* & lavender* essential oils. (*Certified organic.)

Epsom salts & me are bffs so to see this in the ingredients is a bonus. Draws out the impurities in the body while you soak, sea salt is known to have powerful healing properties, great for sore throats, mouth infections, sore muscles etc. Sea salt is amazing, so you can imagine the benefits in one soak. Pink Himalayan rock crystal have 84 essentials minerals. Just a sprinkle of this into running water and allow to melt into the water and smell the uplifting and soothing floral smell after a long day is great and this isn't to be skipped over. You just put a scoop using the wooden scoop provided into your bath whenever you need and reap the benefits and a good nights sleep.

This won a bronze award from The Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards 2015!! Congratulations.

-Added bonus, not tested on animals and suitable for vegans!

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