TheVeganKind #24

Made from fresh green peas the Calbee UK Yushoi Lightly Salted Snapea Rice Sticks are baked rather than fried and are light and still have a nice slight crunch to them. Super alternative for fried crisps. The sticks could be used to also dip into a snack such as hummus or even if you get this months box you could dip these in the recipe featured.

Almighty Foods Super Raw Botanical Mindful Mylk Chocolate Bar is dairy free with the rich favours of cold processed Balinese cacao they are combined with creamy cashew, hemp, coconut & vanilla to make this mylk chocolate. This chocolate is the ultimate mindful mylk chocolate. I find the Balinese cacao has a more earthy and more bitter taste for my liking but it's still a beautiful chocolate.

Just 4 dates provide your daily recommended fibre amount, date carbohydrates are made up mostly of sugars, sugar is quickly converted into glucose for cells to use as energy so food with dates in make brilliant before and after snacks for exercise. Fitbites Superfood Balls would be ideal as they are snack bites, the super red balls contain beetroot, almonds, raspberry, coconut and strawberries.

Lazy Day Foods Millionaires Crispie Squares were my favourite in the box. I had to stop myself snacking on them while doing the photography. Vegan caramel and Belgian chocolate, these gluten free crisp rice pieces if they weren't so healthy would be a guilty pleasure. Although I'm going to look at them as a guilty pleasure, too divine!

ORGANii Organic Alove Vera & Bamboo Shower Gel, loved everything about this gel, from the bottle design, reminds me of a drink, it's a different design so it's already eye catching even with it's graphics. The aloe vera is amazing to calm and cool your skin as you shower while the bamboo soothes the skin. My skin isn't left feeling stripped it has a reasonable lather, I use it on my Salux cloth and just buff away and the combination is beneficial.

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