When The Music Starts...

Do you remember how large headphones were the only headphones we knew before earbuds came into play and it was all about having the most discreet headphones possible until these started making a comeback? Now you'll see everyone walking, running, on the bus / tube listening to their music with these on. I've secretly wanted headphones for quite a while but they are a luxury to splash out on if honest but I've now got some that are budget friendly and quality....

Having had these for a few months and being that I've been on somewhat of a bloggers hiatus, these are standing the test of time. I've used them in a few scenarios:

Work Outs :
These are cool once positioned on the head in a comfortable manner, the adjustable headband can be moved forwards or backwards. It's alright to use when doing various cardio but I did notice that with my mat exercises it wasn't so good going up and down at most time's it'll slip off my head.
bonus points for answering what band I'm listening to..duh!?

Phone Calls :
There's a built in microphone so if connected to your phone you can use this as your hands free and I've honestly had no problem with feedback on either end and it's pretty clear a lot better than the standard headphones that came with my phone.

What makes it even more comfortable are the soft cushioned ears, they sit around my ears, perfectly & not in the suction kind of way. Gives me a nice surround sound in my ears. The fact that I can be mobile around the house without my phone is another bonus - it has a volume up & down button on the side, as well as the previous and next track buttons. In the centre the power/play/pause/answer button (all in one) is right there.

All I'll do is select a playlist on my phone and do whatever it is I'm doing and leave my phone wherever (no doubt on charge)! Even my bestie had a try of these and he had to agree the sound on these come off pretty darn good and word of warning, the volume is out of this world loud, to the point currently I don't even have them on and I'm listening to music clear as anything (you probably wouldn't want to wear them at that volume & I wouldn't advise it.)

Currently these are on sale on Amazon for under £35 and come in 5 different colours, black ,silver (above), white, red or blue.

How do you listen to your music?
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