Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation Review + FOTD

It's been very humid in the UK over the last week, amongst the night time thunderstorms this heat hasn't been pleasant and wearing make-up isn't as pleasurable when your trying to stop it from melting down your face. Oxygenetix is a foundation that allows you to wear your face in this heat...

(I look quite scary)
Here's a before and after, my complexion isn't an even toned one, I have dark circles and various patches of dark vs light on my face even though I can do bare faced daily and not care, it's nice to have an even complexion. I used no concealer before taking my after photo and I only used one pump of the foundation and used my beauty blender. I totally guessed what colour foundation I might of needed but I chose Almond and it seems to not be too bad, considering I bronze up anyway it's not too much of an issue it evened out my skin and it's very light to begin with and applying it with the beauty blender gave me an opportunity to see how well it works with water/dampness. It applied flawlessly and set to a nice finish, I noticed it didn't cover up my old hyperpigmentation but that's fine, it's not a heavy coverage foundation to begin with.

I didn't find when I changed my top did I find any transfer from my face onto my clothes (always a pet peeve). Being that it's been so humid, running around and even just breathing seems to make sweat occur, so here's what I noticed, I felt the sweat and clamminess but I also spotted that my foundation didn't budge much from that, which is quite good. When I dried up, my foundation stayed for the most part intact. I was quite surprised.

Great to wear in the sun too as it's got an SPF 25. What Oxygenetix say is that, this foundation is so good for your skin with key ingredients such as,Vitamin E,Grape Seed Extract,Green Tea, Hyaluronic Acid,Salix Alba Extract(flavonoids)and Glycerin, you can even sleep in it, I've not tested that if I'm honest, I don't want too, never know I might be so tired and fall asleep with my face on but until that time, we will be left wondering.

Yup it's another pricey foundation but I think it's worth it with the ingredients and additional benefits that you can potentially get from the foundation, anti ageing, protection, moisturising - even sleeping in it(?!) For a range of colours you can go by the undertone of your skin:
I am within the yellow undertone (mellow yellow) as you can see I'm slap bam in the centre, you could probably search online to see other reviews hopefully that could help more in your selection.

Here's my finished face!

What's your verdict?

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