Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Review

Drying Lotion?! What's that a few of you may ask, I know I was a couple of years ago. I had never used a drying lotion or cream before and I sampled one and absolutely loved the results. I suffer from periodic breakouts and I'm grateful that my skin is better than others, I don't have much to bitch about, besides the fact that any spot that occurs loves to leave a lasting reminder in the form of pigmentation - so to tackle that? Tackle the source of the problem and that in itself are these breakouts.

I was kindly sent a generous Mario Badescu package and super excited I began using the products tailored for my skins needs, then I started getting spots, no not from the new regime but because it's that lovely time where I'm skipping through flowers in a field, with the sun beating down on me and birds are tweeting alongside me and I'm dressed all in white! Yes, that time - aunt flow - THE WITCH! So it starts, the spots I noticed one on my cheek and there's a few around my brows (I notice this happens whenever I remove hair from that area and it's near my cycle! Yet I still do it!)

At night while sitting in bed and doing my night-time routine, I simply dab a cotton bud into the bottom of this lotion which contains calamine, salicylic acid and other quick drying ingredients (read here) and apply to the troubled areas and allow to dry before going to sleep.
Note - do not shake the lotion bottle, before use make sure all the pink lotion has settled to the bottom.

When I wake in the morning, I'll wash it off and carry on my skincare routine. As I notice the spot diminish instead of using the lotion at night, in the morning after I add my moisturiser, I will take a small amount of the drying cream and rub into the troubled areas that still need treating, it gradually fades into nothing, sometimes I think I can still see a ashy tone on the area but it seems to go and it's o.k. if there was as this step is done before the make-up giving me a chance to cover any marks.

Drying lotions and creams are handy for those who want to help their white heads to go down and dry up overnight gradually, I think it's one thing to keep around in the skincare routine, something that I will be purchasing in the future.

Have you used a drying cream / lotion before?
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