Shower Heroes & Beyond

Let's get skin ready. During these days, you want to have a quick burst of water and some lathery products all over yo' body! Giving you life in the morning(& evening), let me show you what's been in heavy rotation because I just cannot chose between this trio! I also won't leave out the aftermath of when the skin is dried and ready to be moisturised - btw I didn't forget the armpits, mm sexy!

1. Palmolive Mediterranean Moments*
Newly released Mediterranean Moments, these come in two scents "Argan Oil from Morocco and Almond" & " Apricot from Italy and Strawberry". Quite happy I've got the Argan Oil bottle, the oil of the moment (or past few years) but these Palmolive shower milks are soft, lathers up well and glides down the skin while giving a burst of sensual aromas. Argan oil is full with vitamin E and has great skin benefits. Good for all skin types but especially dry skin. My skin in this weather (currently overcast humidity) it can get dry by the end of the day cos of the sun exposure, the scent lingers on the skin afterwards but unfortunately any cream put on top, the scent disappears.

2. Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel*
One of my favourite brands and of course it's citrus. Duh, wouldn't be me otherwise. Now this shower gel, you get such a burst of the peppermint and citrus, sometimes it's hard to tell if it's the mint or citrus your getting more of, sometimes I think it might be the mint. Refreshing start to the day to wake up and be alert, starting your day with a product that has no harsh chemicals,SLS FREE! Natural & organic, vegetarian & vegan approved and has 100% natural foaming agents. This shower gel is good due to the properties each ingredient holds, peppermint is a natural antiseptic which cools the skin, the citrus notes of lemon that cleanses, detoxes and revitalises dull skin, orange essential oil naturally eliminates toxins, while stimulating the lymph system (which helps rid blood of acidic and toxic waste)

3. Rituals Happy Buddha & Mandarin Bliss Stick*
Since being introduced to this brand a couple of years ago, it's been one that I buy from for treats & gifts. The scents never fail and of course this one scores big. Citrus (again), I can never fault how these shower gels, foam up on my skin. Once it's squirted out, it begins to slightly foam up before it even touches water but once that is added it builds up into a creamy lather. Unfortunately for those against SLS, this is the second ingredient within this product, I must say that my skin hasn't felt stripped or dry after use but it's a shame this does contain SLS.

What's in your shower?
If you have a post on your current shower favs, share the link below :)

*pr samples
Let us all just smell good and tumble around in the water of cleanliness
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