Will You Be My Curlfriend? | My Curl Routine

Since this curly hair gig has been happening on my head, I'm adjusting, yeah I find it hard. What products should I use and all that jazz! I wash my hair twice a week and then at the end of the month have a big wash. Where I really do everything needed. It's the end of the month, meaning it's that 'wash day'.

On my weekly grind, I use Naked Curly Girls products, having just placed an order for the trio (£3 per item), as there's free p&p for July & I'm running out but it's lasted me a good few months. The shampoo, it's gentle and my hair doesn't feel stripped but I can definitely tell it's clean after use. I won't shampoo twice in the week only at the end of my week, the other day I will co-wash. I find my hair really needs to be washed twice a week, I never comb my hair dry so you can imagine the amount of hair that comes out when I'm washing MMMHMM. The conditioner from Naked I adore, not only do these products smell good but they are 97% natural and animal cruelty free so it makes me feel so much better. I've officially been converted and it's something that works and doesn't break the bank - score!

The ultimate wash day, can sometimes be like a war with my own hair and my army of soilders are of course my products, I don't use ALL these products at once, it's just a little overview, if my hair feels like it's lacking moisture, I will put the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie & Coconut Oil but Apple Cider Vinegar is a must, it's such a beautiful and natural clarifier but I do use my curl shampoo afterwards, cos jheeze no matter how much that hair is rinsed the vinegar, loves to linger.

Paul Mitchell Curls line, I've been using this since June and O-M-G, I'm so in love, I mean literally, what it says, it does for my hair. Curls, crunch and frizz free. It's amazing, I don't even wash my hair for a week after the big wash day *sighs* Paul, I love you! Can't forget Paul Mitchell is an animal cruelty free company. After Curls was released in the States last year, I wondered how long would it be until it got to us. Being that natural hair has become such a movement that we are all started to embrace it's nice for companies to recognise we need more curly products that are UK available and we spend a lot on our hair as it is, let alone thinking of shipping from out of the country. With four products including a shampoo, leave in conditioner (which I love) and two products to help define your curls, can you go wrong? I find other leave in conditioners /treatments leave my hair hard and signalling that my hair has product in, this absorbs, moisturises and dries beautifully with no issues.
SO, if you want to watch, view above...I guess that's been played before this was even read right?

We don't share the same hair, so what works for these spring beans, might not be the same outcome on yours but I've loved showing you skin and curls today!
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