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merumaya skincare
When I was first made aware of Merumaya I was intrigued due to the fact I've never heard of the brand, I was sent their Luxury Facial Wash* and a Manual Cleaning Brush* and a little sample of their on the up popular Melting Cleansing Balm*.

I've tried a few cleansing balms in the past and they tend to be greasy/waxy and it can linger on the skin afterwards, this balm takes off make-up, cleanses the skin and doesn't leave any residue afterwards, I put it this silky smooth cleanser on my skin and begin circular motions to get the blood circulating and start off the break down of the dirt or make-up, I'll apply some water which then turns this cleanser, milky leaving it easy to just clean off. Could be beneficial for all skin types, at the moment my skin is quite oily due to the humidity but quite dry - nightmare. I've used this a couple times a week for a good cleanse, when I have a cleanser I prefer the cleanser to do all that it can, none of that double cleansing.
merumaya luxury facial wash
Moving onto a new facial wash from any current one that works for you is a gamble. This one is aimed to help those who experience break-outs and it good for those with oilier skin. AC.Net is a clinically tested ingredient to help reduce pores, control spots and oil all the while keeping the skins moisture in balance. At the point of using this my skin was clearing up well and the only thing I was targeting was my dark spots. Using this daily, morning & night for the last couple weeks with the manual cleansing brush, this brush reminds me of one you might find in a barbers, that's used to brush around the foam before the shave, it's extremely soft, great for those who have sensitive skin because it will not irritate any breakouts or skin problems you may currently have.
merumaya manual cleaning brush
The brush is dense and reminds me of a kabuki brush, the only thing is it gently spreads the wash around the face but when I look at the brush it's still white foamy I don't see any dirt. So I wouldn't say it cleans my face deeply but it helps to evenly distribute the wash and not irritate any problems. The pomegranate enzymes are there to gently exfoliate and unclog the skin.

Rhodiola Rosea extract, Mangosteen extract and Baobab are anti-oxidant protectors. Only within the last week did I see a difference in my skin but I'm not sure if that's only cos my immune system was low due to the virus I had, I had a few breakouts which of course has lead to a few more dark spots to attend too ugh. My forehead is still slightly greasy and I have a few heat bumps by the looks of it but this didn't claim to help heat bumps but I did hope that it could keep the greasiness at bay and un-clog my skin.

So though the verdict is still out on the luxury facial wash, the cleansing balm is a dream and I would definitely recommend the brush for those who have sensitive skin. I wouldn't rule out a few others things from the brand, I like the sound of the Skin Brightening Exfoliating Peel & Pure Radiance Mask, what do you think?

*pr samples
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