Summer Beauty | Le Soft Perfume - Le Petit Fou Rock

I'm including this within my Summer Beauty week but it's not just for Summer but it's quickly becoming my favourite Summer scent but I promise you, it's for all year round, continue..

Soft perfume, is handy, no bottles to smash, leak and I've found there better to buy for people than some sprays, people can keep these in a bag, take them away on holiday without the risk of having them taken away *sighs*. When offered to review these, I chose "Rock" ah, why? Let me see, I love Rock, I love the look of Rock so why not smell like Rock and no I don't mean, vomit, alcohol and ashtray breath, in fact this smells a lot more better than that.

I slide this on my neck, wrist and back of my knees - I took that advice from about 2009 when I read the Rachel Zoe book, saying it was the best place to put perfume as the smell travels upwards, hitting they key points.

Let's lists the goodness, dermatologically test, not tested on animals, respectful to the planet, Good for 12 months after the box is open, recyclable, paraben free and safe to take on board!

With a Shea Butter base, Described as ideal for girls of a ‘rock chick’ persuasion, bam, me! citrus mating with spice with notes of Bergamot, Lemon and Orange that allows the Cedar and Musk love in the middle before a leather-esque base notes give way for a irresistible scent, having to sniff this right now. Perfect choice!

It's a sexy scent, perfect for those intimate times, gigs and festivals. Appealing and lustful, the scent lives a slight linger in your nostril and for the price I don't think you can go wrong, with other scents to chose from it'll be good to smell some more. Guess there is a reason why rock can be sexy....
*pr sample
I won't lead you astray, I've never been told I smell my face anyway.
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