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Hey, hey, hey my make-upistas!
A super lipstick quad giving you all your lipstick needs this year? Um yeah that's what's happening. Sleek MakeUP are releasing next month Lip4 Mmmhmm smack it four times! I have tow of the 6 that are available with one being an limited edition palette, you don't need to fret that you need to run out and collect them all like Pokémon.

About Lip4
The quads are made up of 3 finishes, matte, gloss and satin. Each with it's own mini lip brush and mirror, it's perfect to pop into your handbag and go. It's a bigger size than their brow kit to give you an idea of dimension. Palettes that are available have names such as, 'Show Girl', 'Siren', 'Ballet', 'Havana', 'Tease' & 'Mardi Gras'. Mardi Gras is your only limited edition palette, while Havana will only be available online at www.sleekmakeup.com and the other 4 you can get in your local Superdrug stores & online.
Ballet* & Mardi Gras* {limited edition}
Today I share with you Ballet, perfect for you nude loving babes & Mardi Gras for those who aren't afraid of bold and fun colours!

Ballet Plié is a glossy peachy pink toned nude, Tutu is a satin finish more of a red brown, Pirouette a matte soft brown and Swan Lake, satin pink nude while Mardi Gras has Carnival an ultra bright purple satin finish, Rio is a deep pink, still bright with a glossy finish, Masquerade is a matte coral red and Firework a pink gloss.

The Mardi Gras palette stained my lips after removing the lipstick for a while. Looked like I had tinted lips. The satin finishes I'm not a fan off, the matte isn't as drying as I had anticipated but you can tell the gloss, is exactly that glossy and vibrant. I'm of course yet to wear these out to see how long they last but plenty of time to do so.

Lip4 a nice addition to the Sleek MakeUP family or too much new releases to keep up?

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  1. I CANNOT wait for these!!! The colours look so pigmented!!

    1. The glosses are sooo nice, very pigmented as usual. Sleek doesn't disappoint with pigmentation.

  2. Replies
    1. Very nice and handy. Another mix and match session for me with all these colours {mixologist}xo

  3. I think I want one or two of these paletess thanks for sharing hun,beautiful swatches!

    1. Thanks lovely. Nice vibrant shades and handy for the handbag

  4. Replies
    1. Tease, Showgirl and Siren I want to see in person. Heck I'll probably end up with all 4 lol xo

  5. These look so nice! I think Showgirl and Tease are my kind of colours. The Carnival shade looks lovely on your skin tone but wow I havent seen many lipsticks that colour! So handy that theyre hand bag sized x


  6. Ooh, these look amazing, I love the look of Mardi Gras and Siren. I'll definitely be hunting these down, thanks for the heads up on them :)
    Mel x


  7. I really love the Mardi Gras one, but the purple one there, I can't wear Such Color.... ><


  8. Masquerade and Rio look amazing on you, very nice. I like that palette.
    I think I am in the minority though when I say, I cant be bothered to use lip palettes. Great for mixing colours, yes and very professional but I just cant be bothered and dont want to carry something like that in my bag for touch ups. There, I have said it = I am a lazy cow!



  9. Tried already to leave you a comment, so this is 2nd time round I think. Not for me, I am too lazy. Great in theory but I cant be bothered re touch ups and reapplication. This would be nice for an MUA

    Masquerade and Rio look amazing on you though, with your sexy lips!


  10. Wow, they look so good!! (: thanks for showing!

  11. Anonymous4/18/2013

    So excited for these to appear, may get a couple!

  12. Wow those are bright!!xx


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