Greek Yoghurt & Honey Face Mask

Face masks, I haven't treated myself to one in such a while so where better to start than in the kitchen, welcome back the kitchenista. I was using a new product to review and it didn't react well with my skin - at all. Needing a face mask that can help get my skin to a good point, Greek yogurt and honey face mask to the rescue.
Greek Yogurt is good for the skin it's full of protein which helps wrinkles by making the skin firmer. It can help calm dry, irritated or sensitive skin. Honey is fantastic for acne, it's a good antiseptic and can help the redness of your spots.

They suggest Manuka Honey which can be expensive. I just used Sainsbury's own brand of honey and greek yogurt, I mixed equal parts of each and I used about 2 tablespoons which proved too much. Using a brush to apply it onto the skin and left it on for 20 minutes and washed off with warm water. You can feel it getting tighter when it dries thanks to the honey and if your like me and need to feel or/& see the affects of a face mask then the honey addition is perfect. Helped calm my skin :)

Do you have a favourite go to face mask?
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