Amazemitt £5

A mitt that can take make-up off with no product, just water?

When I first heard about the Amazemitt, I thought to myself how much could I save not buying make-up remover? Granted I don't wear make-up on a daily basis but we all want something that's effective and quick. So I purchased the Amazemitt a few months ago. It comes in a little organza bag, with a use & care instruction card.

How to use the Amazemitt :
Moisten with warm or hot water and clean your face and neck by applying slight pressure. Do not use any face cleansers or lotions. After use, wash your Amazemitt with hand soap and leave to dry.

I remember when I first started blogging and I started breaking out *oh the woes*, I was recommended microfibre towels, I remember seeing microfibre towels for cleaning around the house. While I could tell the difference than then normal flannels it wasn't long until I moved onto Muslin cloths and left microfibre in the dust. There's no surprise that the AmazeMitt is made out of microfibre.

About the product:
You have to be ever so gentle with microfibre cloths, the synthetic material is a good exfoliator and used too hard could cause irritation and that's the last thing you want. My experience with AmazeMitt was hit and miss, if you are wearing anything waterproof such as mascara or eyeliner I would recommend that you take it off using your normal eye make-up remover. As when I first used it, while wearing waterproof mascara, it was such a hassle to take off.

The mitten reminds me of something I would put on a baby. I thought how on earth is this going to fit on my hand. Course it does fit, I'd like it if it was more bigger just because I'd feel it was more secure on my hand.

Overall Thoughts:
While in use I did need to go over my face a few times to feel like I was working some of the make-up off but in the end I had to use my LUSH Ultrabland cleanser & muslin cloth to really make sure I had got rid of any residue. I need to feel there's more than water taking my make-up off, like the mitt is another step that isn't needed. Seeing as a cleanser can take it off quicker.

Heard of the Amazemitt? What's your take on microfibre cloths?
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