Bath-time Quick Relaxation Products!

I haven't been well since last Thursday, I suffer from bad migraines, my entire weekend and life went down hill and I'm currently on sick bed day 5 but needing to keep active, I've got shades, eye masks, cool compresses, water and my bed, just to keep going I'm in dark rooms, dimmed screens and trying not to move cos that's when everything wants to set off. So last night I thought let me take a relaxing bath and go back to bed and hopefully have a good nights sleep. The bath was relaxing...the after effects, umm not so much.

I opted for only a couple of products cos I had no patience to be messing about in the bathroom, staple products, quick relaxation, no fuss, no mess. Back to bed!

After reading my darling Halima - Fashionicide's post on The Lazy Girls Guide to Moisturising Your Body I wanted to try these two N07 products, I too can be a lazy bum when it comes to creaming my skin, there's just too much of it imo I've spent all this time relaxing and now I'm working up a sweat creaming my skin! I've tried a few dry oils and there great for shine but moisturising, they haven't 100% been.

N07 Luxurious Foaming Shower Oil £9.95 this oil is thick, to touch in what you might experience with oil being very runny. It almost reminds me of jelly? Not that thick but to touch using my hands, I know it's different. Once put on a bath lily and onto the skin you get a generous lather don't expect too much but it's enough for me to be satisfied. The skin doesn't feel like it's being stripped or robbed of anything. It's packed with grapeseed & argan oils.

The N07 Pampering Dry Skin Oil Body Spray £9.50 - amazeballs. Once it's sprayed on, you get a light scent nothing overbearing & while my skin is damp I start to spray ( danger! be careful when spraying as you do not want to slip on an oil slick ) it begins to soak into my skin quickly but I do rub some spots in making sure those elbows and kneecaps get a good rub! Slip on my clothes let the skin dry while the oil seeps in and moisturisers. Even the touch of this oil on the skin feels better than ones before.

This NEOM Tranquillity Organic Bath & Shower Oil* is actually from a box set but NEOM do sell these full sized for £32.00 100ml with English Lavender, Sweet Basil & Jasmine, I decided to put a cap full in my water. Lavender is one scent that generally gives me a headache but when I opened it, the Lavender scent wasn't that strong, I put it in the running water and the infusions bursts out, thinking I've ruined my bath and getting aggravated I left the bathroom, upon returning the scent had become mild and with my TU Orchid & Sweet Coconut Tealights burning it made for a relaxing environment.

Time for a quick relaxation, what would be your staple products?
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