Why I'm revisiting RapidBrow

RapidBrow 3ml £37.00

As a lot of you know, I first and last used RapidBrow Feb - April of last year and I was so content with the thickness of my brows, I barely touched my brows for months, just let them grow and I might just touch up some areas but pretty much left them be.

Well lazy me decided to let the Better Brows threading, tidy up my brows! I asked her to tidy the top and a few hairs underneath the shape, I had filled in my brows already to how I normally have them and told her, my words specifically were :

"Just like Hair to Samson, my eyebrows are my being! Keep them thick...please!"

Why did I bother to say anything cos she proceeded to thin out my brows and give one more of an arch than the other. I thought to myself, hold on why is she taking so long on one brow!? She let's me look and asks me what do I think? What can I say "No, that's not what I asked for, implant my hairs back" I just looked at her and said, that's drastically THIN! She replies to me: I made them like mine.

O...kay, don't recall asking for that at all.  I had to let her do the other brow cos I would just look weird, suffice to say I wasn't a satisfied customer and she didn't listen to me which made me even more upset. Talk about she made sure my eyebrows were not twins but sisters, two different shapes.

Having thinner brows than what I've had for nearly a year, feels odd. For some of you reading this you must be thinking, it's not that bad, stop having a bitch fit. I've been having one since last week Tuesday! My sleep Tuesday night was so disturb by it all, yes I know it's only eyebrows but to me it's all I had lol. That's why I'm revisiting RapidBrow, hoping last year was no flake, I probably won't let them grow as much as I did before because I know where I need the hair to grow back to get my brows back. Where it's a lot lighter on my brow is where my brows normally are. She was way too cotton happy. So rant over and RapidBrow challenge has been revisited from last week, I missed a few days in honesty, I just crashed out at night.

There's not much to report growth wise, threading really pops out those hairs from the roots, so over a week of use from when they were first done. Which of course even though I view this serum as a miracle in a tube after using it last year but I must be honest with myself. The denial I lived in last week made me realise that.

How do you ladies prefer your brows? Natural? Thicker? Threaded and Shaped? Let me know :) 

The Brow debate! 

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  1. Oh dear! I pluck my own eyebrows, and like you I love mine to be thick! I think they are one of my best features!

    Megan x

    1. Just like you, I'm the same. Serves me right for being lazy really but its such a shame when people just don't listen. She must of had a field day having so much hair to remove. X

  2. Sometimes i hat that my brows are so thick but apparently thats the trend now so i should be happy ahahah


    1. lool, oh it's all about thick brows. I can't do the shape I have now, it feels so wrong.

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate that!
    A lady did that recently to me. I was sooo vexx!

  4. Wow! I can't believe your threading lady would do your eyebrows like hers, even though you didn't ask for that! BTW, your brows look really good - nice and thick. I like getting mine threaded, but I usually always end up having to tweeze because of some party I have to go to, like 2 days before my threading appointment. I don't like the "growing back in" period.
    For brow shaping, I'm mostly using powders and wax, applied with an angle brush.

  5. My eyebrows used to pencil thin back in the day, I blame my threadist (is that what they're called? Haha). She loved skinny brows.

    I let them grow out for months on end, my eyebrows looked ridiculous :(. After they grew out, I started to tweeze them myself. I only take a few hairs out as I like them to look as thick as possible.

    I ararely go to get them threaded now. Maybe once or twice a year. xo

  6. I cant believe she tried to make your eyebrows like her own? lol! I hope they grow back soon x

  7. I feel for you! I only wish I had thick eyebrows so I would be supremely hacked off with her! I hope RapidBrow works well for you. I am desperate to try it.