Illamasqua I'mPerfection Speckled Eyeliner Inspired Look

Since the release of the I'mPerfection collection by Illamasqua the speckled nail polish & eyeliner look has intrigued make-up lovers and bloggers. The inspiration taken from natures own birds eggs. The speckles on these eggs are irregular but still beautiful. This is why while I attended AOFM, I butt licked Illamasqua, lol. I was always asked by the make-up artist tutors why I admired the brand and for reasons like this. We live in a society where we are held higher at times based on our looks, from our peers, from the opposite or same sex. If we aren't their vision of beauty, perfectly trim and proper, we aren't someone. When we are and our imperfections are what make us individually special and perfect. I haven't recreated an Illamasqua look since the Throb Collection in 2011, view here.

I find this speckled eye, very wearable for myself. It can be made dramatic or subtle, mixed up and made your own. I decided to do white and gold speckles on my thick eyeliner. Just think your going out but no time to do much to your make-up, this is eye-catching in itself.

I use to not like my 'beauty spots' I was born with one, on my right side of my chin and I felt so odd having it, was just this mark on my face that I focused on, thought others would too...later on I developed a second one on the opposite side. I grew to accept it to the point I don't even notice it anymore. It's just there and apart of me just like that permanent hole above my lip thanks to my Monroe piercing.

Don't worry if you don't have different coloured eyeliners, use an eyeshadow or loose eyeshadow pots, mix them up with a mixer and the possibilities and combinations are endless. Illamasqua are selling a Speckled Eye Liner Bundle for £30.

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