Fur Nails

I must admit when I first saw this was becoming a trend, I did wonder, why? But with most trends I find that word comes out frequently. With this one I held my reservation for judgement until I tried it. I know MUA do fur effect nail pots for £2 a pot at current time of posting this but I decided to go to eBay and get 12 pots for cheaper. I think they may all be the same 'flocking' craft material.

These pots have no sifter jar which is good as those sifter jars are pointless, the fur can be more clumpy and it needs breaking up before it's loose and that's pointless and time consuming.

I started off with Nails Inc - Notting Hill Gate nail polish as my base colour, I wanted to use the hot pink fur. Use a nail polish shade roughly the same colour as the fur you want to apply.

Apply a top coat or a clear nail polish and before it dries, you can either put your finger into the pot and roll it over the fur, which is what I did first - pointless. The application was blotchy.

You can use tweezers and pick some up and place them around but I found it easier to dip my other fingers in the pot and apply it my way. Best to do this on a piece of paper and blow off the excess on your fingers, BLOW AWAY from the pot and paper that has any fur on it.

I had an old brush laying around that I used to brush off the excess.

I expected animal soft nails, the texture reminds me of felt. The male response to the fur nails has so far been :

"That looks like pubes on your nails!"

"Really? That's a trend?"

"What nails?"

-- Can't comment if it's like pubes on my nails, never have grown them on there, sorry.

What happens when you need to do daily tasks? Such as wash your hands, use creams, oils?

Oh that first nail was the roll in the fur attempt - fail, EPIC fail. The fur just gets darker once it's absorbed anything as you can see. This is really to be a one night stand affair! Fur nails happen for one night out and never to be seen again...until the next night out.

Here's a close up of the fur on the nails. Yes it can be a messy procedure, a little tricky to get it to look flawless. Fun and different of course, practical and sexy, no and just for the one night doesn't seem all that great.

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  1. Im sorry but I dont like!!! It makes me cringe! Sorrrrrrryyyyyyyy

    1. You are forgiven. It's like having felt on your nails.

  2. I feel like I want to love them... but they just seem impractical... (and a little pubey!) Have you tried "leather" nails? They look quite interesting, but I haven't the gall to try them!!!

    1. They are very impractical. Think of all the interaction with liquids and so forth we have daily *sighs* Freaks a lot of people out though. Leather nails I've wanted to try for a little while now. Think that's the next craze on the agenda, let the nails grow out a little bit more :)

  3. I really want to like these, but... I just can't xx


  4. I love ur nail polish hun, but I hav allergic reaction to most fur/wool like stuff so won't dare try haha but it looks good for one day lol

  5. they're lovely!

    xo Sarvin

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    My Giveaway to win some glasses of your choice!


  7. Was so tempted by these when I saw them in Superdrug, but I can only find OTT bright colours! I think they could look good in black, white or grey (maybe as a sort of fluffy french tip?) but I can't get my head around the bright colours. They look great on your though!x


  8. OMG it looks sooo weird! and LOL at nail pubes!

  9. I don't like the fur nails trend. The texture of it would bug the hell out of me, and as you've proved they're impractical x