Barclaycard Contactless Gig

Last Saturday the best friend & I made our way down to Kings Cross to attend a secret gig with Professor Green, hosted by Barclaycard even though it was cold as the south pole, we wrapped up and was told to get there for 7pm and all I can say about that is, the security guard there, one in particular was testing my patience to an unseen level, he had us walk around the building 3x after telling us the entrance we was at, wasn't for us, only for workers & press. Turns out I was correct after having a stand off with him and 45 minutes later, we was allowed in, only to be told we had to go back and wait. We decided to just go inside the Arts building as it was warmer before going to get our VIP pass and rubber wrist band.

They had turned the former Victorian goods depot in King’s Cross into something of a little festival, with stalls of food and beer, a bar in the centre and a photobooth with vintage routemasters surrounding us.

The atmosphere was a friendly one minus the scuffle that broke out behind us during a performance cos a girl was pushing to the front and one man took her hat off while people decided to kick it back to force her to go back to get it.

On our wristbands we had £20 to spend on food and drink which was a nice touch, upon entering we had to use it on the electronic reader co-operating within the whole theme of the night.

It was a good night, can't say I'm a Professor Green fan but it was an experience that I did enjoy. His girlfriend Millie Macintosh was in attendance on the grounds too but during the performance she was spotted on the bus enjoying from the warmth, looking on her instagram I could spot myself cos me being me, I had to be in the first row lol.

I did a Vlog of the night, poor Darrel never knew if I was taking images or recording. Enjoy :)

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