Kiss Wink False Eyelashes

Having a few new items to try out I thought, let me try them all out in one post but I'm kind of focusing on one item at the moment and that being my lashes, these Kiss Wink lashes* come in a pack of 5 and have an applicator included to help those who find it easier with one to apply.

I myself have used this applicator to try it out and it reminds me of using tweezers but they seem lighter as in the sense of when I'm using tweezers I sometimes have a feeling my heavy handed self will cut or tear them. Plus I have been so use to winged lashes like my Eylure Nicole Lashes ( my favourite ) that fuller ones seem too much for me. Being the meanie I am I thought I'm not going to like these but amazingly they may be full but on my eyes don't look heavy or feel as if they are too much and I love that. Yes these are something I would wear daily if I was a daily make-up wearer. Easy to apply and don't look bad if I say so myself.

*This product was sent to me for consideration for a review by ghd. This does not sway my opinion. This is 100% my view and research is that of my own!

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