Best | Worst of Beauty Reviews 2012

2012 the year of the London Olympics, the year that the world was suppose to end, the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and also the year that saw the beauty industry continue to boom. With crazes that had us continuing the ombre hair that flowed down onto our nails being ombred. It also saw us experimenting in colours especially lilac and pink hair...did anyone brave the granny grey?
Nails had a huge focus, Ciate Caviar Manicure anyone? Stiletto nails, Braids galore! Can't forget the BB Creams! It makes you wonder 2013, what more can you bring us?

I've had the wonderful opportunity in 2012 of reviewing some of the latest products and putting their claims to the test. I'm going to share my best & worst picks :

1. RapidBrow  - Beauty
If there's one thing on me besides my lips that get commented on it's my eyebrows. I've never had those natural sparse brows, I was born with quite thick brows, they never had a bad shape to them but low and behold, give a teenager an idea (or pre-teen in my case) that thin brows are best and you've got years of experimenting. After successfully regrowing my brows in 2011 and having the HD Brows look, I decided I want to grow them out again, I managed that but after attending my AOFM course and having brows reshaped was apart of that, I started again and decided RapidBrow was the one to try after.
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2. Zaggora Hot Pants - Fitness
Viva Zaggora!! The pants that help you burn 4x more whilst working out. Designed with Celu-Lite technology, these pants have a neoprene feel, look and sound to them, little struggle at first to break them in but Zaggora were a fitness win.
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3. I Love My Muff - Hygiene
#Shameless, yup that's me. Ladies just because you discuss hygiene products doesn't mean you're admitting to a 'issue' your just giving the muff more care. You've probably read that we produce enough PH to cleanse ourselves that products like this isn't needed but you'd be the first one to complain about someone's bodily odour they shamelessly wear as their scent. I like the  I Love my muff concept, 3 steps and refresher wipes that can become handy.
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4. Sleek MakeUP Eau La La Liner - Make-Up
My favourite drug store brand, they rarely put a step wrong imo. Yet I adore their Eau La La Liners. Their creamy, pigmented and they glide on the skin like a dream, nothing worse than a pencil that tugs and drags. There's a lot of colours available and I enjoy using these as a base to make more colours stand out.
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5. Prtty Peaushun - Body
Fake it to love it! Sun rays, fake rays - bad rays. SPF yourself up and fake it and I loved Prtty Peaushun this summer, slightly messy on the hands when applying but the glow was gorgeous and now if I can get toned up for summer, I want to bathe in this golden goo and be a bronzed goddess.
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1. Decolour, Colour Restore & Shine On - Hair
British hairdresser Scott Cornwall came up with a way to gain salon hair at home. The ever popular ombre, I went for this look in April but Jesus Christ the upkeep. As much as I loved it and shockingly the bleach didn't damage my hair as much as I had anticipated it seemed a lot of work. I decided to use this to refresh my hair and let me tell you, this was also the last time I lightened my hair. Initially my hair was o.k. afterwards it didn't feel as harsh as bleach but after time, I noticed the difference in my hair from when I used bleach to when I use the stripper and colour restore. This was the last time I coloured my hair lighter and eventually returned to the dark side.
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2. ElisaCoy Snail Cream - Skincare
As much as I love snail cream, this one didn't agree with me at all. Which was a shame indeed as I do love me some snail mucus. The oil I produced wasn't fun - oil slick foreheads, gave me throwback memories of girls with their baby hair glued from their hairline to their eyebrows -grease. It just didn't do much for me compared to my other HG snail cream.
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3. Fair Naturally Cotton & Cucumber Facial Toner - Skincare
Who can forget when I was burnt by this toner!? Well besides I used it for a little while then - bam, burn victim - extreme yeah maybe but I was shocked by the effect of this. I did contact the company and it was sent off for testing which showed nothing different but it could of be a reaction to a combination of products but still combination or not, I was burnt.
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4. Witch Blemish Gel - Skincare
Beewax. This did nothing for me, was another spot gel that was just that for me a gel on a spot. Didn't help me at all. Saw no difference when using this to when I would leave a spot alone. BOO!
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5. Lauren's Way Self Tanning Mousse - Body
Oh my Goddness - darker than dark, was tango me orange. I just, well lol - the images explain it all in the post, the undertone was horrid on me - just can't even explain how Jersyfied I felt. Teresa Giudice would of been proud of me.
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So here's to 2013 and more best & worst.
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