Well this year I've had mmmm zero luck nail wise. Have all these nail things to use and I can't treat myself. So I decided to use my mum :) lol.

Having never used Konad nail stamps before I was intrigued but without the special polishes that you have to use with them, I had a feeling this was going to be a TASK! Task indeed. I decided to watch YouTube videos on how to use Konad stamping tools without the correct polishes and I knew I was in for a long, long nail session.

They suggest you file down the rubber stamp tool, so it can pick up the polish better. If you've ever used the stamping tools before, you have to select the stamp pattern you want, apply a good layer of polish, scrap and quickly roll the stamp over it and roll onto your nail, remove the stamp pattern off the rubber stamp with nail polish. Now adding that extra step of filing the stamp was enough to send me AWOL! With the fact that sometimes the polish just wouldn't pick up on the stamp, I couldn't even spend the time doing a pattern on each nail, I managed one after about 20 minutes of trying this routine. ONE!

I did use the Soap and Glory The Perfect Manicure Kit. My mum said it made her hands feel cool after she had put the hand food on and the gloves then once she took them off she said her hands felt really nice and soft. It's a HIT!

I used OPI Big Apple Red and decided to then stamp 777 for in Gold. After having to try do that, my patience was shot just having to get that bit done, sometimes the stamp wouldn't transfer the entire 777 logo even in that one it only managed a small amount but as I said stress + me = volcano. Perfect way to relax try get that jackpot! Ladbrokes this festive season have so many slot machines games where you can try and win your own jackpot win, ready for the big sales that will be happening.
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