A few weeks ago, me and Grace headed over to ASOS main offices for their #BeautyInsider event. Can I just say AH-MA-ZING. We was the last to leave if that's anything to go by. The staff are above & beyond, so extremely friendly.

So what happened on this eventful night that made us want to handcuff ourselves in....

I loveee these lolly's from Molly Bakes, recommend them - highly.

Before we went around we watched their exclusive preview of the videos featuring rap sensation Azealia Banks, lovely singer Ellie Goulding and Supermodel Charlotte Free on what makes their #BestNightEver.

We was shown their photography department where they photograph and edit their items to get them true to image - I felt them on this one. It's very time consuming to get images correct and with so many items weekly being photographed (around 400 per day ) to be added to their site weekly up to 2000 items. Busy and long days!

Seeing their catwalk, it wasn't what I expected, now I'm not 100% sure what I expected but I thought maybe it was in a warehouse *shrugs* within their offices, everything is kept close. Opposite the catwalk for the womenswear is the mens section, where they said men don't really like to watch other men strut down a catwalk so they show how the outfit moves and looks by standing on the spot. We was offered the opportunity to strut down the catwalk *I kept my fat ass off it lol*

Offered a hand massage from Ren, well this was GORGEOUS! I've got the Ren Guerande Salt Exfoliating Body Balm on my wishlist. It was so relaxing and my hands felt uber soft - not to forget smelt INSANELY nice.

Then I headed over to get my nails done by Zoe Pocock the Creative Director and celebrity manicurist. The nail rock nail wraps are designed to be associated with the clothes that they had on the rack - ahh ohhh smart right.

Clothing items from ASOS that we could pick one item to take home with us. Included on the rack were ASOS Army Jacket With Studded Shoulder, ASOS Blouse ( can't find the link )  ASOS Maxi Dress with Embroidery*, ASOS Quilted Jacket in Mono Print and ASOS Digital Jewel Clutch - I chose the maxi dress. Gorgeous.

A preview of ASOS Christmas beauty collection was on display - beauty goodness from ASOS and not to forget they do have ASOS exclusives on their site so you can always grab yourself a gift or for a loved one. 

Our goody bag, well ... we was allowed to chose one item from their selected rack of items as I said above, I chose the embroidery dress, gorgeous the way it's been made. Included in the bag was Lord & Berry, Illasmaqua, REN and Nail Rock along with a mirror.

You can be your own #beautyinsider by heading over to ASOS. 

Thanks ever so much ASOS for letting me be apart of your night and anytime you need someone to bum around your offices - hit me up :) 
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