I Would Like A Facial Please ....

Not for my face though * clears throat * for my most intimate friend!


This procedure that's a mixture of the worlds vajayjay & facial [is anyone over that word vajayjay as much as me?!] is basically what it says - a facial for your vagina or more public speaking appropriate a bikini facial.

This isn't anything new in the beauty world but I will not lie, it is the first time I've heard of it. I took to the #bbloggers tag and asked if any had tried this suffice to say I got the responses I expected a lot of

"Huh? What's that?"

Didn't find any who have had it done - have you?

A few weren't sure it was something they would book an appointment to get done but for those of us who aren't sure what this entails let me explain to you.

Some of us when we have whatever hair removal treatment mostly through shaving end up with bumps or dark areas from the hair removal. A vajacial / bikini facial targets those type of problems just as a normal facial targets say acne & dark spots.

  • They open up the pores of that area using misty vapours
  • Apply a antibacterial & anti-inflammatory wash 
  • Astringent - witch hazel to tone  
  • Exfoliate 
  • Pluck out any ingrown hairs 
  • Mask - a soothing antibacterial mask to reduce irritation, hydrate and smooth the area and prevent future blemishes. There are three different masks depending on your vulva's needs "anti-acne" "anti freckle" and "calming"
  • Cream - a lightening cream is then applied 
Some treatments use a topical peel or microdremabrasion to lift off dead skin cells and discolouration of the skin.

You can find beauty therapist that do this - I couldn't be sure on the price it would more than likely depend on your area or reputation of the clinic.

But I wonder is this something I can do myself ? You guys know I'm a nut for at home routines / products so if I had all the things myself could I do it .... well that's what I'm willing to try out for a future post series.

I find that even now on some Beauty blogs the subject of personal hygiene is a taboo when it comes to our intimate area but I believe and know it's apart of us, we shop for these things, we may go to the salon to treat it, some are more reserved about it than others e.g. me but I bet it won't stop the SATC Charlotte's reading and trying it -  I'm not saying shout from the roof top but sharing is caring - I'm sharing!

In the next part of this series of at home d.i.y. Vajacial will be dealing with ingrown hairs as we need to prep the skin.

I'm not a trained/professional beauty therapist if you try anything at home on your head be it.

have you heard this or tried a vajacial?

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