I Would Like A Facial Please ....

Not for my face though * clears throat * for my most intimate friend!


This procedure that's a mixture of the worlds vajayjay & facial [is anyone over that word vajayjay as much as me?!] is basically what it says - a facial for your vagina or more public speaking appropriate a bikini facial.

This isn't anything new in the beauty world but I will not lie, it is the first time I've heard of it. I took to the #bbloggers tag and asked if any had tried this suffice to say I got the responses I expected a lot of

"Huh? What's that?"

Didn't find any who have had it done - have you?

A few weren't sure it was something they would book an appointment to get done but for those of us who aren't sure what this entails let me explain to you.

Some of us when we have whatever hair removal treatment mostly through shaving end up with bumps or dark areas from the hair removal. A vajacial / bikini facial targets those type of problems just as a normal facial targets say acne & dark spots.

  • They open up the pores of that area using misty vapours
  • Apply a antibacterial & anti-inflammatory wash 
  • Astringent - witch hazel to tone  
  • Exfoliate 
  • Pluck out any ingrown hairs 
  • Mask - a soothing antibacterial mask to reduce irritation, hydrate and smooth the area and prevent future blemishes. There are three different masks depending on your vulva's needs "anti-acne" "anti freckle" and "calming"
  • Cream - a lightening cream is then applied 
Some treatments use a topical peel or microdremabrasion to lift off dead skin cells and discolouration of the skin.

You can find beauty therapist that do this - I couldn't be sure on the price it would more than likely depend on your area or reputation of the clinic.

But I wonder is this something I can do myself ? You guys know I'm a nut for at home routines / products so if I had all the things myself could I do it .... well that's what I'm willing to try out for a future post series.

I find that even now on some Beauty blogs the subject of personal hygiene is a taboo when it comes to our intimate area but I believe and know it's apart of us, we shop for these things, we may go to the salon to treat it, some are more reserved about it than others e.g. me but I bet it won't stop the SATC Charlotte's reading and trying it -  I'm not saying shout from the roof top but sharing is caring - I'm sharing!

In the next part of this series of at home d.i.y. Vajacial will be dealing with ingrown hairs as we need to prep the skin.

I'm not a trained/professional beauty therapist if you try anything at home on your head be it.

have you heard this or tried a vajacial?

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  1. I can't post this comment without sounding crass, no matter how I try and phrase it so here goes..

    I can't imagine this being very hygienic when it comes to the scrub, I feel that some particles will definitely remain stuck in the 'flaps' and wouldn't come out without having your vajayjay exposed to a pressure washer.

    I think all this anal bleach, vagina bleach is a bit dodgy. If your partner has managed to look past all your flaws and still wants to take you to bed, I can't see how the colour of your nether regions would put him/her off.

    There is a lady I know who is Indian and is totally obsessed with these skin lighteners, she's currently going through a treatment which lightens her nipples and she has been steadily using a vaginal bleach. She's going to look a right div, it'll be so obvious she's been changing the colour of it when her legs etc..are still brown.

    1. Yeah the papaya exfoliating gel will most likely have particles in that could be stuck and you wouldn't exactly want your beauty therapist going there. Considering it's the vulva that they treat it's a possibility.

      I would skip out the lightening cream personally if I was ever to get this beauty treatment because well I just don't agree with it.

      OMG, she's going the whole nine with her bleaching, I can't understand why women want to do it myself. It is quite crazy!

  2. Anonymous21/7/12

    I can't believe this exists, it doest sound too practical really! What an interesting find though, I don't know, I couldn't go there!

    1. Yeah, I was really taken aback when I first discovered this I had to read more on it. I'm quite intrigued by this!

  3. wow,im quite surprised a microdermabrasion for e lady garden oh my thou shall not say nomore hehe great post hun x

    1. I know right but I guess in some extreme cases with dead skin in that area it's a necessity it sounds like a big procedure lol x

  4. I actually kind of like the idea. I have some of those issues that have risen with continuing to wax, and I'd love to treat it. It sounds like something I would probably do one. I look forward to your DIY post!

    1. Oh lovely, I'm glad this series will be helpful for you!

  5. I have heard of this but I wouldn't dare ask the salon for one where I live (India). I have tried the Brazilian wax few times but nothing more then that lol. Plus a steaming towel "down there" sounds like an "ouch!" lol. But yes, bloggers shouldn't be shy with down there topics. After all we all are ladies here lol. Even I myself as an Indian beauty blogger talked about periods and so on in my blog ^^.

    ♥Crazy Pop Lock♥

    1. I could imagine going to a salon for some and asking for this could be a thing, if I had one closer to me I would try it lol. I to have done the Brazilian wax and ended up bruised and sore after the first time which didn't have me running back lol. Oh okay girl, I'll be sure to be checking out your blog :) x

  6. I've never heard of it but I think I'd try it.

    1. I'm still trying to find any one who has had it done at the salon, must have some customers considering it's been around for a couple of years.

  7. I just can't imagine this! The whole process seems a bit uneeded if unneeded is the right word.

    Especially the exfoliating and the sound of a peel!! I'd think that would just make the skin a bit angry especially with it being pre-waxed/shaven.

    For me a bit of bio oil/baby oil does the trick and doesnt need anymore than that!

    Fee x

    1. Yeah like I said in an above comment some of the steps such as the lightening cream, exfoliating, microdremabrasion / topical peel especially in that area how much dead skin there could one have for the latter to happen.

      Seems some do! Bio oil for there is a good idea as one of the properties is to target uneven skin tone.


  8. Pluck out any ingrown hairs....
    Oh lawd

    1. lol yes not exactly the most pleasant experience there.

  9. I do like the idea, but like you pointed out - it's definitely possible to do it yourself and that way you can adjust it too in case you're highly sensitive etc.. plus I'd feel way more comfortable in my own space. The peel scares me - haven't vaginas got on just fine till now without them?…

    I think it's a good way to inform people of proper care (although I disagree with the lightening cream - but that might be to even out skin tone? no clue) and some might be conscious to better their vagina's appearance

    Looking forward to the series! xx

    1. I to don't feel the peels / lightening are needed, can understand that it's to even out the skin tone on the bikini area but I'm sure there's better products for that.

      Yes, I think when you are doing these things yourself you can know your limits, stop when you need to and just take a minute - I won't be doing all the steps to a tee or as people think be showing visuals lol xo