Excuses 101

I've been slacking, I know...
but it was within good reasons as to why. Cue excuses & update 101!

  • My dear old HP laptop, we have been together for over 4 years now - been through a lot. We started our blogging together, ended my MySpace addiction together, self diagnosed me until I believed that I was going to die with each breath I took. Yet in Laptop years you must of been getting old with daily use ... a fan seemed to break and that was the beginning of the end. Your still going but not fast enough for me. Samsung Rose has joined us...oh I was in dire need for a new laptop so this week here she came to rescue me ... in her virgin state she's yet to be filled with fonts, music, videos and junk - just Photoshop CS6  [love love love.] Point of this was I got a new laptop it's fresh and great and I will reply emails asap :)

  • Shock horror  I updated my layout .... sorry was too excited and in love with CS6 to not just take my grey rainy weekend and do something. This is not an advertisement to ask me for layouts cos it's not going to happen *that was said all sugar and spice nicely* Been wanting to do a watercolour theme for the longest time
  • Personally the last 3-4 weeks I have had a few things on my mind and situations that need to be and are in the process of being sorted out. Having 2% of my brain to blog just also didn't feel right. I did try and push out a great deal but my heart sometimes didn't feel there.

  • Self explanatory - think it's been nearly every woman's bedtime or daytime reading. Purchasing a trilogy of erotic books is a first for me, could you imagine my response when my grandmama asked me what was the book about and was it necessary for me to get all three? lol.

  • Had my last session of Laser Hair Removal on Wednesday, I've had to shave a few times since then - yes I realise it's only Sunday but I will do a blog post on my update.

  • Currently I'm loving Benefits! Porefessional -such a fantastic primer · Manuka Doctors Bee Venom Foaming Cleanser · Aloe Vera Gel · Betrousse UK Box (loved this months products) · brand new laptop aw rose · Cocoa Butter Palmer's & Jergens · the rain.

  • Currently I'm hating slugs  · being ill · breaking and peeling nails · the humidity & no fan · sore armpits · twitter (back at the hate part of the relationship).

OK that sums me up slightly. Most of my blog posts that are upcoming are reviews such as Anastasia's Lash Genius, Manuka Doctor and Various Argan hair products.

How has your weekend been ? 
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