SK:N Laser Hair Removal Finale

Those smooth kissable underarms....

Remember I was getting laser hair removal done at the SK:N clinic at their Milton Keynes branch ? I had decided to get the LHR on my underarms to see if it was worth the time & money + I hate the shaving shadow.

You can read back posts on the consultation & first time experience [1] ·[2]

I had my last free session on the 4th July. Upon arriving I'm not sure why but my underarms just felt sore and irritable, left me wondering if this session will hurt more than the previous.

It did!

After removing my deodorant or whatever was left after my sticky icky heat walk yuck. I laid down, bracing myself on the anticipation that I was already irritable there well I did feel this removal more than the others - middle of the underarm just reminded me of an electrical crackling surging through my delicate skin.

Good job I put on my big girl panties that day and just got on with it and curled my toes and bent my feet downwards to wince at the pain.

Couldn't of been more thankful it is a quick treatment in terms of doing the removal.
Less than 10 minutes and finished - I was a little red afterwards but it wasn't irritable but considering my previous sessions I had no problem I do put it down to the fact I was sore beforehand.

No problems after the redness ceased. No rash, no irritation & no lasting damage. Within the period from Thurs - Sun of that week I did have to shave twice ( Fri & Sun ) but since then in a week I haven't had to shave again since. If I run my fingers over my underarm I can just about feel in some places hair starting to poke through but I don't see me having to shave for possibly a couple more days.

I decided not to go forward with the treatment but to now carry on or should I say try to epilate the underarm instead which you cannot do while having laser hair removal. I find the middle section to be the place where my hair grows faster but sparse while the sides grow very slowly.

Grateful that I was able to part take in this experience and while in 3 sessions it's left me with sparse underarm hairs at least it's not an every other day shave and I can say ' I have done that '.

Not saying that it's not for me but it's a huge luxury to spend on when I feel I can now just continue with my Braun Silk Epil 7  after all would be rude of me not to after all the knicker wetting and screaming.

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