I've ditched my crystal glass nail file...for this funky nail file.

I've had these for a long time now - ok maybe roughly since March. I remember I just looked at these upon receiving them.



Curvy Snake looking nail file?

How is this going to work!?



*looks back intrigued*

I decided it was time, this year my nails have been in such a state - my right hand is the only one growing nails, my left hand keeps splitting unless it has a nail strengthener on. Driving me insane - the biggest thing is my nails snag on ANYTHING ever so easy to break.

I was sent the S-Buffer 4 step nail buffer and the S-File nail file. I will not lie at first I thought how is this going to work but once I started to slide from left to right - it glides. Forming a nice curved shape, just as the inventor Tom Pellereau winner of the 2011 Apprentice meant for it to do it follows your natural nail giving you a natural shape.  The S-file has two abrasive sides this is ideal for us to have our nails look similar even when using our non-dominant hand. My right hand is proof of that right now.

Found it a little weird at first holding this curved nail file after years of having a ruler straight file but it's not rocket science.

Price : £4.49

Remember those 4 sided buff blocks - I know I say it as if they are no longer around but Stylfile bring us the S-Buffer which gives us the same effect in the curved style :

Step 1 : Black side on the nail bed gently
Step 2 : Blue side to remove ridges
Step 3 : Pink side to smooth nail bed
Step 4 : White side to add a quick shine to the nail

It's promoted as a chip-free sparkle in seconds ...and my nails need to stop chipping - sometimes the most simple ideas are the best ones and this one I HIGHLY recommend.

Price : £4.99

Are these something you would be interested in purchasing to try out or have you already tried these?

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