Montagne Jeunesse Break-Out Mask

Montagne use to be my high school face masks but how do they hold up nearly 10 years later...

It's been a very long time since I have used this brand, when I used it in school it was just for the sake of it in a beauty routine my skin wasn't so sensitive or prone to break outs in my teen years - go figure.

This week my skin has decided to erupt slightly, which lead me to pick up this mask from the Skin Heroes collection from Montagne Jeunesse.
It has a two step process - Step 1 the face mask Step 2 the moisturiser

The calming & spot fighting witch hazel & soothing Canadian willow herb helps deep cleanse blocked pores and to heal the skin while the good old classic tea tree is the calming antibacterial ingredient we need.

I found the clay a little thick and I just wanted to scoop it out in the ends with all the push pressing. The pastel green coloured mask dries and hardens on your face - try not to smile. While I kept this one I kind of wanted to feel all the dirt being sucked out while soothed. Washing it off was an ease - but I couldn't say after one treatment if my skin benefited.

After washing it off it lead me to the moisturiser, which erm I didn't like much it just felt a little heavy on my skin - slightly sheen like appearance.
I had a few spots and I wouldn't say it targeted them much or helped with anything but with me only using it one time, can I be sure 100% - no but the one time experience I had to not find at least one positive aspect that would have me try and put this into a routine haven't risen.

Price : £1.49
Purchase : Montagne Jeunesse Online Shop or find your nearest stockist

Anyone tried Montagne Jeunesse face masks if so how did you find them?

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  1. great review hun,thanks for sharing i been meaning to try a few masks from the brand but always forget lol