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When I was contacted by The Fairtrade Foundation introducing me to the company more, I was instantly interested due to my interest into organic and natural products and further more what the Foundation represented.

Fairtrade focus is on helping workers and farmers improve the quality of their lives and take more control of their futures. They are the only certification scheme whose purpose is to tackle poverty and empower producers in developing countries.

It's not just coffee and banana's that farmers provide for us but a lot of other organic ingredients. Fairtrade have a mark on over 3,000 products in stores from coffee to flowers.

Today let's focus on the beauty

1. Fair Naturally Cotton & Olive Oil Handwash · 2. Fair Naturally Cotton & Olive Oil Handcream · 3. Fair Naturally Cotton & Cucumber Facial Moisturiser · 4. Fair Naturally Cotton & Cucumber Facial Toner

Having Cotton Seed in any beauty product gives us the benefit of Vitamin E which cotton seed is high in overall it will improve the skins appearance. Combining that with cucumber which soothes and softens the skin - which is why it's great for tired eyes.  Once I introduce these more into my routine I will do a skincare update but I think this week I will introduce the toner for my skin.

1. The Visionary Soap Company Lemongrass Bath Melt · 2. Bubble & Balm Wash Mint · 3. Neal's Yard Sensual Jasmine Body Cream

Boy oh boy does the Bath Melt smell of Lemon alright - for some who may not enjoy that citrus smell I wouldn't recommend it as the smell is slightly strong but if like me citrus scents are a favourite of yours you will love it. This perfect travel sized mint infused wash is quite relaxing to use and soft on the skin which I like - prefer to use it during my nightly baths when I may feel a little run down or needing to be soothed, mint can do that for me. Neal's Yard my first experience with them wasn't a good one as my skin erupted into spots with a bad reaction which was unfortunate as I had heard such positive things but that's the gamble. First the smell of the sensual Jasmine I didn't like much but it's grown on me typically my skin has it's time where using fragrant creams isn't a good thing but I find this does feed my skin.

I think when possible go for Fairtrade products I believe every little helps when it comes to farmers who are providing us with these ingredients, food etc.

Have you tried any of these or buy fairtrade?
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  1. I haven't tried any of these. Tbh I didn't know Fairtrade did beauty! But I do try to buy Fairtrade wherever I can :) xo

    1. Me either so I was happy to know this, always good to support when possible thanks for your comment beautiful xo

  2. I have never tried any of these products, but I have bought fair trade coffee.

    1. Oh I buy fairtrade bananas :) lol but love the fact that they have beauty products.

  3. These look really good. I wonder if they're sold in the UK. I would definitely buy them if they do.
    Love organic and natural things for your skin x

    1. Yeah they are sold in the UK lovely, the links are above in the post for each item under the photos. Plus on the website it tells you what brands are fairtrade to help you out a little bit more here xo

  4. would love to try these,great post hun x

  5. Anonymous6/28/2012

    I would love to try these also. they look great! Laceyloves


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