Winter Glow with KARORA

Over the weekend the winter weather took a drastic turn and snow fell upon us here in the UK! If it's not bad enough that during the winter our skin is dry & dull, sometimes the snow can make us feel even more dull.

I have a thing about wanting 'golden skin' ... people laugh at me when I mention fake tan - the only fake tan I've used is the spray in a can that turned me very oompa loompa looking. With no instant fix I had to wait for days until it became patchy and started to fade.

Unlike  KARORA* , it's an organic & natural instant wash off tan - oh hello.  KARORA  is an Irish brand that is famed for their eco-chic credentials which are bronzed luxury with a botanical twist. So what do I think about the only natural instant tan available on the UK Market ?

small sized drop on my hand...
There isn't much of a smell if any. You can see it's quite dark and bronzed, you don't need a lot to start off with. A little goes a long way - believe me.

Here's my arm :) very winter looking { looks like this all year round lol } exfoliated and moisturised before hand for best results. Taking a small amount I begin to work from my hand upwards.

Afterwards, looking quite alive and instant glow, love it. Doesn't transfer onto anything I touch and washing my hands afterwards is a breeze. Washes right off. Good sign for later to wash off my arm ?! Course. Most importantly - NO STREAKING!

what what, my NY Giants jumper :) 

You can see that the hand with my tattoo on isn't as glowing as my opposite hand. Even gives off a nice glimmer when there's flash.

This instant tan is packed with natural goodies for our skin such as :

  • Grape Seed Oil : - powerful nutrient and antioxidant to keep skin supple and smooth.
  • Horse Chestnut Extract : - soothes and minimises the appearance of minor veins and blemishes.
  • Sweet Almond Oil & Macadamia Oil : - fine textured, sweet smelling oils to soften the skin.
  • Argan Oil : - signature KARORA ingredient to keep skin intensely moisturised.
  • Pure Pearl Mineral Powders : - evens out skin tone and rejuvenates dull, dry skin for a luminous finish.
Price : £13.50 / 125ml 

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