No matter how long you have been following me there's one thing you do or should know : I'm obsessed with eyebrows. I could say this all day long, we all know eyebrows can make or break the face.

To be honest when I see you the first thing I'm noticing are your EYEBROWS! Last year kind of around this time or before I started to grow back my eyebrows and I decided to try out the HD Brows which I loved but the upkeep and expense can grow heavy on the pocket after awhile but I do recommend HD Brows especially if you do want thick brows because the process does give you bold eyebrows.

Last month they were even reshaped by the Eyebrow Queen while I was attending AOFM. Barbara moved my arch over ever so slightly but I loved how elongated they looked you can view that post here.

So what's the problem now ?

No problem to be exact except THESE :

I feel like a beast !!!

Just two weeks ago I took the picture below, so what you see above is two weeks worth of mess. My eyebrows were also lightened as I've gone lighter with my hair colour and believe me the dark brows just stuck out like a sore thumb. { btw the below photo has been altered on Photoshop - been practising :) }

This leads me onto my new 60 day challenge :-

You've heard of RapidLash now let me introduce you to RapidLash's new partner in crime: RapidBrow*

The big brow trend isn't showing any signs of it slowing down *jumps for joy* RapidBrow is on hand to help us restore our healthy & full brows.

The Blurb:
RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum is a clinically proven formula with an exclusive Hexaten 2 complex, a unique blend of of fortifying proteins, stimulating peptides and nourishing ingredients designed to help condition, restore and repair the appearance of eyebrows as quickly as in 60 days.

60 days you say well let's put this one to the test. My birthday is 28th April and I want to have gorgeous new thick brows ( again ) I'm sure I did that last year hence the HD Brows - lol I wonder if this is going to be an annual thing.

How to use : Apply RapidBrow with a few quick strokes twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Within a few weeks the overall appearance of your brows will be visibly improved.

Let's break down the key benefits of RapidBrow :

  • A Blend of potent peptides helps renew and restore the youthful appearance of brows
  • Biotin and Panthenol help nourish and fortify to boost the appearance of eyebrow density
  • Keratin helps rebuild, restore and rejuvenate the appearance of brow hair
  • Apple Fruit Cell Extract helps rejuvenate to amplify the appearance of brow volume
  • Sweet Almond Extract helps add shine, sheen and softness for a healthy appearance of brows

To be honest I'm quite looking forward to this challenge and by the end of the 60days I think I shall compare the appearance of my brows when I grow them back myself with just natural oils to using RapidBrow.

60 Day challenge on my brows / nails / skincare / yoga starts tomorrow 18/02/12 until 14/04/12

I'll do an update every two weeks :)

Does RapidBrow interest you?

Purchase : RapidBrow
Price : £37.00

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