A Grey Day

Heavy rainstorm hovered over my town from early in the morning. Surprisingly after quite a rough night sleep, I managed to get quite a bit done around the usual routine of feeding the animals on the farm, eating and cleaning.

Cornmeal Porridge : Mmm yum! Woke up with a cactus feeling throat but just had such an urge for porridge plus got to be on the PMA with healthy food.
Faux Fox Tail : I've had this tail since 2010 but the chain broke last year so I repaired it this afternoon.
Chocolate Fingers : Never been a big one for chocolate but when I get the 'craving' for something, I consume until I'm bored. 
Beavis & Butthead 90s Marathon all day *I am the Great Cornholio* 
Fonts : Now this is a serious addiction, I'm addicted to finding and downloading new fonts. 
Post-It's : There quite an obsession too, I wish I invented them. My laptop and wall are covered in them! 
Vegetarian Cookbook : Going on 4 years of vegetarianism or pescetarianism I've never truly ventured into making my own dishes. I was given this by my Uncles family for Christmas, I wanted to try the black bean nachos but no nachos or sour cream :(  
Guitar : Haven't picked this up in a while but playing Nirvana acoustically is great on a rainy day!   
30-60 day Challenges : Gathering my 3 main 'ingredients' for the challenge that will officially start tomorrow. 
Colour Changing Candle : I find this candle so relaxing, reminds me of those changing lights that babies sometimes have. 
Making Space : Storage is an issue in my room for my make-up, while sorting it out I noticed ... Why do I keep them inside the boxes ?! Doesn't that take up more room!?!
Brushes need love too : Had to clean my brushes today, seeing as I'm not going to be wearing make-up too much until my face gets sorted a bit more, they needed to be cleaned before negligence takes place. 
Don't forget ducky : How many of you know about my bubble bath addiction? I collect bubble baths that I have now been forced to go through *sad times* candle lit bath with - aromatherapy associate oils great to relax.
Behind closed doors, under the sheets : Can you guess another addiction of mine ? Yes it's reading BUT I adore buying second hand books, there's a store in US I buy mine from when I can't find them here, I love the smell and I feel it has so much history just like the book I am reading *nerd* I've read this book before and due to the fact I'm a criminology/cult obsessive it's amazing to get first hand encounters.

How has your day been ?
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