Dr Bronner’s Soap

Any beauty product that claims to have 18 (count them) different uses piques my interest. Think of the potential time, money, holiday suitcase and bathroom shelf space that could be saved!

Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap is one of those rare products. Listed below are its alleged 18 different uses. I can’t say I tried all 18 (douche anyone?) but I certainly do think it’s a great product. It’s 100% organic and fair trade and contains only natural oils and fragrances. Apparently Eminem is also a fan and uses the peppermint scented soap to brush his teeth.

I tried the Almond scented soap as a shampoo, body, face and hand wash and found it so mild, gentle yet effective that I had no qualms in using it on a 21 month old baby. It really is that gentle. No SLS, paraffin or harmful chemicals - it simply washes (leaving behind a pleasant gentle almond scent) and was surprisingly moisturising too. Not that I recommend it, but you could just wash n’ go without adding moisturiser to your skin after a bath and you wouldn’t be left with that tight feeling you can get after using some soaps.

I also love the random sayings on the packaging. It’s not often that I read every word on the outside of a product (I normally stop after the ingredients) but when the wrapping is saying things like ‘love is a wilful bird, do you want it? It flies away’ and ‘absolute cleanliness is Godliness’ – how could I not?

Dr Bronner wasn’t a medical Dr but that aside, the soap is great; 70% of the proceeds go to charity and the packaging is 100% recycled. Good for you, the planet and your fellow man. And it’s less than £10 a bottle!

Besides, any soap that tells you that the Moral ABC (whatever that is) is the way mankind can achieve world peace is definitely worth a try!

The 18 uses of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap:

  • Shave
  • Shampoo
  • Dental
  • Soap bath
  • Peppermint is nature's own fragrant deodorant
  • A drop is the best mint toothpaste; brushes dentures clean
  • A dash in water is the ideal breath freshener and mouth wash
  • Use in hand wash dispensers, to clean uniforms and/or your baby
  • Dilute for ideal body rub
  • Foot bath
  • Douche
  • Hot towel massage the entire body, always towards your heart
  • Wash pets
  • Wash clothes, silk, wool and your dishes
  • Spritzer - body tingles head to toe - keeps cool
  • 3 dashes in water rinses most fruit and vegetables
  • 1/4 oz in qt H2O is a great pest spray
  • No rash diaper soap

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