Early Life Crisis

....Honestly I feel I am going through one.
Maybe it's a bored image crisis more than an early life crisis! 

Ever get those moments where you need that radical change?

Especially as I'm growing out my eyebrows and on top of that gave up make-up for lent - I'm feeling blah. 

So what's left to fuss about with - my hair of course! Yet what to do !?! 

Ciara's extreme "dip dye" lace front wig. The blonde is reminiscent of a Playboy blonde at the tips but it's striking and there's no bad regrowth of the roots. Don't think I'd ever go to that level of blonde as I could imagine how dry and brittle my hair would look after but maybe a dip dye 'do ?

Kenza swedish model and fashion blogger has an enviable wardrobe and even more so enviable locks. Light brown / dark blonde sun kissed waves - loved the colour ever since I stumbled across her blog a few years back.

What puts me off going light is the up keep with roots ( if an all over job ) my eyebrow colour ( I'd have to continuously lighten them ) and *dramatic music* the bleaching.

Oh how I need some hairspiration, help me!!!!
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  1. Anonymous24/2/12

    I applaud you for giving up makeup for lent, I want to stop wearing makeup altogether one day but it's incredibly hard!

    1. Thanks honey, me too! I'm not an everyday wearer of make-up to be honest but I still want to see if it's something I really can do without. It's hard but it's a good time to try :)

  2. ah i am stuck in a hair rut too! need some hair inspiration from somewhere :(

    1. I'm thinking of compiling a mood board of hairstyles/colours. I know I want to go lighter because I couldn't dare chop off my hair and I want to be lighter for once - oh the hassle.

  3. I'm on the fence about dip dying my hair... Think Ciara's is a bit overdone in my opinion. Keep up the no plucking - it will be worth it in the end! :) x


    1. I've seen some very funky dip dyes tutorials - mostly with extensions. The rainbow ones are cool but not 'me' ... Oh I hope so lol, just need to think what I'm going to do with them once it's over lol :) x

  4. Wow! I appalled you for giving up makeup for lent. Me and you are in the same boat, I'm still deciding whether to die my whole hair, but I think what ever you decide with look great.

  5. Giving up makeup is hard but you can do it dear. I gave up soda..

    And I think you should do the dip. It would look HOT on you!!!

  6. I have a similar post on hair inspo from Ciara coming up. I looked on the dashboard and thought mine published.. LOL.

    The bleaching scares me. At least with extensions you can take off and put on.

  7. Think e golden locks would look fab on u honey, im loving Ciara's hair too good on u not wearing makeup for lent<3,always love to go with no makeup@least3days a week to allow skin to breathe. Don't dare chop off ur beautiful long hair