Why I Started Blogging & My Views On It

'Whoa { 13th Oct } - Dolce Vanity was 3 years old'

It gets my brain ticking as to how much beauty blogging has evolved since I first decided to sign up to blogger and begin my journey.

I'll never forget I never had a clue about anything, what a blog was to begin with. Make-up, was always an interest of sorts, not a fanatic but I did like to dabble about in my mum's make-up case but besides the  make-up cases I had received for two consecutive years. I never knew techniques or that there was certain brushes for certain things *shock horror* & don't even ask me about high end / drug store brands besides ;

' NYC, Collection 2000, Maybelline & Rimmel ' 

I started this blog as a real novice and I owe a lot to this ever growing community too. When I began most blogs I came across were from Asia & the United States. Amongst the first people I began to correspond with were : -

Curvaceous in the City
Dreams and Egos
MakeUp Babble
Made in Taiwan 

Tuotierugif { inactive }
Ahoy Mate!!!
The Pages Of My Diary 
Brook Lynne Carter

& my first make-up look I tried : -

“ lol ”

We all start somewhere. I regret deleting a lot of my past posts but I can always refer back via RSS.

Even though I started this blog on a whim when times were hard & I had no-one to turn too. I took the plunge and started it as a hobby. Not sure what I was doing or going to be honest but this whim took a life of it's own it became my sanctuary.

Why Did I Start ?
In 2008 I had an ectopic pregnancy which led to a battle that I still today fight with - depressionagoraphobia {taboo subject} that in turn had it's other spring off's and challenges but you know what my blog helped me get back up on my feet. Communicating with people that I finally had something in common with, when I had no-one I had you guys and I appreciate the support all of my loyal followers have given me.

In these last three years I've become so close to people who are even overseas that I email - tweet on a regular basis, they check up on me and vice versa it's such a warmth to feel a whim blog that I originally named LaaLaaOnline has giving me something to aim for career wise and a whole new view on online communities.

Blog Layout 
I love to make my own blog layouts { I no longer do them for others due to me being impatient at the best of times } but I feel like it's something I enjoy doing at times but it's a pain cos I have a trait that I get bored very quickly and easily { can be such a bad thing a lot of times } it something I feel gives my blog a more personal feel.

I love it because ...
  • Discover the latest available products on the market & overseas
  • Make new friends
  • Develop skills & tips
  • Gain inspiration 
  • Great opportunity to share your views and thoughts
  • It's my space to be me !!

I believe starting a blog is hard. Can be easier for some than others but I view blogging as it's not a numbers game. Numbers are nice but it shouldn't define how you feel about your content. I view a blog is your own personal space that you want to share with others. Find a niche that works for you and run with it!

When I first started I dabbled and shared whatever music, celebrity outfits, various products that I found that I liked. Until I kind of settled into something I liked.

The bad ... ? 
Now I have had my fair share of negativity, that was well documented at the start of the year in a blog post but to be honest this will come along with anything you may chose to do you can't let the negativity of others overshadow the positivity you feel for what you do.

Views on blogging ...

My views on blogging is it's basically the WAY FORWARD. Before when I use to have to go out and buy my monthly magazine to see what was hot it's now a daily formation with it being online.  I like to follow bloggers of all different ages & ethnicity. Everyone has different views, tips and things to share, it's a great way to meet people who have the same passion as you. If your anything like me and don't have friends who are into being product/beauty junkies beauty blogging is the format to expose yourself to lol. Your not going to get along with everyone as that's just life but believe me you can find those you can really click with.

To be honest with you ...
If it wasn't for this blog, I honestly don't know what I would be doing in a lot of ways. When someone says that they found something that 'helped' OR 'saved' them - my blog was a huge part of that in my life. It helped me gain a direction I never had before. So to me blogging is more than sitting behind a screen and doing writing about whatever it is I'm about to post. Yet if it wasn't for the support of my readers and the community it would of been an even slower process. Beauty honestly does start from within! So...

  Thank You
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