Glossybox - October 2011

For months I've heard about the GlossyBox but I haven't been exactly been tempted enough to subscribe in all honesty.

I've read the good & the bad 

Contacted to sample the October box I thought well why not. Let me see & decide for myself what the hype & disappointment conflicted opinions have been about. Every month there will be a different review from a subscriber because the products and brands change monthly so therefore one month you can get something you find extremely useful and look forward to the next month but be totally disappointed.

Initial Thoughts upon being handed this box it I noticed that it had their logo all over the outer box with GlossyBox's URL on the side. Opening it up to see the pink baby pink box and black it looks more comfortable and warming, nothing to in your face.  The carded paper in the bottom, with black tissue paper that holds the products inside with a logo stamp to close it and a pink ribbon to finish it off - looks cute & somewhat personal. 

Reading the card that is included monthly that gives you a newsletter type feel told us this month that they wanted to do something extra special being that it was their sixth box so to be honest I didn't flip over the card to see what the contents were, I was more intrigued to see what was that extra special something....

The Contents :

  • Dermalogica Age Smart MultiVitamin Thermafoliant 
  • Dermalogica Age Smart MultiVitamin Power Recover Masque
  • Leighton Denny Expert Nails Colour & Care { Sex Kitten }
  • Stila Smuge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Moray
  • Robert Piguet Eau de Parfums
  • Dermalogica Age Smart Renewal Lip Complex { with beauty bag } *

Dermalogica I have experienced before but the other products such as Stila & the Robert Piguet fragrances I have not. Now if your sitting here reading this and you've never subscribed to GLOSSYBOX you may be wondering where is the 'extra special' ? It comes in the form of a 6th gift as milestone 6 month "Thank You" plus a small beauty-related gift to help carry your six pack GlossyBox.

What's New? GlossyBox have launched a "Refer A Friend" programme. For every person that signs up based on your recommendation, GlossyBox would like to give back in the form of 200 GlossyDots.

GlossyDots are what you collect to use towards a free box. 

Overall Thoughts I can't compare GlossyBox to the other beauty boxes that have now arrived on the scene. What I can say is the products will get a test drive but I'm not a product junkie who really relies on samples to be honest. Subscriptions for me I don't really do let alone kind of a hit & miss type product. 

Do I believe it's a good concept? Yes, for someone who doesn't really buy a lot of make-up or beauty products to begin with. It's a nice way to be exposed to products and the cost works out for itself per month. For myself personally I wouldn't subscribe. I'm not saying a beauty/product junkie shouldn't because if you would like to have the whole surprise element once a month and be exposed to more then sure but does £10 per month plus p+p on samples with the odd full sized product work for someone who buys products weekly and buys something they have already swatched in-store or gained a liking for a product before hand. Nope & that's how I view it. Good concept but it's not for everyone. 

So my question is to you : -

Have you been a solid subscriber of GlossyBox for the last 6 months? If so what has kept you as a customer ?

& if you have never subscribed why not?

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