Challenge Revisited : Nails

Challenges that are set are meant to be well on-going. Your suppose to get into the routine and carry on, correct? Okay well my nail growth was going fantastic up until possibly late August.

What happened? Well I'm not 100% sure a lot of splits and breakage making it impossible to do things because I'm constantly thinking about my nails and I've never been one of those 'girlie girls' * shock horror * running a beauty blog but it stops me doing the things I like to do. Dont' get me wrong I absolutely LOVE having long nails it feels feminine and it such a great back scratcher { on myself }

Thinking back on it where did I go wrong? I honestly think that when I got lazy and didn't purchase another month load of vitamins my nails suffered. I did everything the same but that. So...

Superdrug A-Z Vitamins, OPI Original Nail Envy, CND Solar Oil, No7 Enriched Hand and Nail Treatment & Tweezerman Glass Nail File 

These are my staple products for getting my nails back. The vitamins are important, I seem to forget that what we put INTO our bodies also effects the outside. Hopefully with the upcoming autumn & winter months my hands and nails will be prepared. 

Do you find it hard to keep your nails long and strong?
Do you suffer from brittle nails too?

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  1. When mine grow long they break :( I usually have to keep em short.

  2. Anonymous6/10/11

    I used to be a terrible nail biter till I was about 19. When they did grow they were weak and little layers used to peel off. I use Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail hardener, it's great, and drinking lots of water made a difference.

  3. My nails tend to be brittle and break easily so for that very reason I keep them short, barely above the nail tip. It is easier to carry out my daily activities with my nails short and my polish stays on longer which is always a plus. Oh and I love darker colors on shorter nails! :)

  4. I absolutely HATE to keep my nails long because the polish seems to chip sooooo much more quicker than on short nails! Drives me totally crazy LOL

  5. Ladies I know what you mean.... I notice that my nail polish does last longer with shorter nails - no matter what I do.

  6. If you can get hold of it, try the avon liquid silk wrap (maybe on ebay). or have silk wraps done to keep them protected. I keep mine painted all of the time now and have been using the maybelline nail strengthener with calcium (About £4.99 in a squarish bottle) as a base coat. good luck