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Honestly I never knew about Nad's until April when I was in London for my birthday & my friend Leila introduced me to the 'best wax strips' that she has ever used. Intrigued I picked up the 'Facial Wax Strips' { pack of 20 }

I must say for upper lip hair and eyebrows - perfect. Easy, clean and if it's done right you honestly should have no problems at all.

Especially as I was getting HD Brows treatment I did begin to maintain it with the whole waxing, plucking and threading steps so these wax strips were so easy to reach for to do the waxing steps.

Browsing Sainsbury's for a top up of the facial wax strips { I didn't find any besides 5 empty boxes that had been open and all the strips stolen ...minus the aftercare wipes mind }

I did notice their 'Ingrown Hairs Solution' now I do suffer from ingrown hairs and bumps when it comes to the bikini line ... after a few days and the hairs start to come back it's such a pain in the backside.

No matter what I do or technique it seems to be destined so I started to use this after my last touch-up so far not so bad but I don't want to sing the praises to high as it's not been long enough to give my full thoughts.

Do you use at home wax treatment of any type ? 
Do you prefer going to a salon ?
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